Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, November 2, 2015

November is here.....

Hey Y'all.....November is HERE!   Happy November to you!!

Summer vacations are really nice.....but I'm a believer that our Fall season offers so much beauty for anyone choosing to take a late break!

How awesome would it be to do a lot of traveling during the months of November and December.....and to join in on as many small town church bazaars and festivities that you could possibly find.   Finding unique....homemade items to purchase.... to give as gifts to  those special people in your life... 
I'd like to travel the back roads and to be able to take in all the splendor of the trees and underbrush as it begins to show off it's brilliant display of Fall foliage.   
I'd love to be able to stop at all of the little antique stores along the way.....and the Junk yards to boot!!

It would be nice to make our way up, into the Northeastern States and to come upon an old Farmhouse that offers a full Thanksgiving feast to those traveling for the Holidays.  To meet new folks and to be able to taste the things that are not normally on our {Texas} Thanksgiving menu.    

Enjoy a slow, beautiful day of being Thankful.....

and then....I  dream of spending cool days in the midst of the mountain scenic routes.   Looking to the sky for a single snowflake to fall and to land on the tip of my tongue.  

 I'd wait for the evening night to come, so I could hop aboard a sleigh....pulled by the most gentle of horses.  We would spend the evening, riding and singing Christmas Carols ......maybe we would make a stop for a cup of hot cocoa....and a cookie or two.  
(Do sleigh rides really happen???)

I don't know about you....but I love lights....small twinkling lights that speak happiness to the hearts of those who love to celebrate...Celebrate anything and everything!

It's not enough, to only be able to enjoy the little shining bulbs for just a few hours each evening.... for only a month or so.   I could spend hours upon hours.....sitting underneath the beauty that the little lights bring.   

There is such peace.....when sitting out by a nice roaring fire, on a cool brisk evening....with festive lights shining all around.  No worries, no cares.....only the sounds of the night and the pleasure that only a string of tiny, shining, lights can deliver...

Oh yes.....I am a dreamer......I love the wonder of the Holidays.... the Joy and the great thrill that is out there....and it's all for our taking....

I'm glad that November is here and that December is just around the corner.....

Shug ~


Ruth Hiebert said...

Your dreaming sounds wonderful. I look forward to winter,snow and Christmas.They all go hand in hand here.Oh,I could do with a little less cold,but that would mean I had to move further south and I like where I am.

Ida said...

Great new header. - Loved your Leaf photo.
Enjoyed reading your posts. It was very pleasant.

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