Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Schedule a Day......

Have you ever scheduled a day to have nothing on your schedule?   If you haven't, it is definitely a MUST DO!

I did it yesterday......I cleared EVERYTHING from my calendar, except a trip with Sam.   A simple overnight trip that required me doing Nothing!

I managed to sleep until 8:25......which may not sound late to many of you, but for me.... This was LATE.    Once I got up and got dressed, (and after a couple of cups of coffee) I drove myself to downtown Aggieland, where I found one of my favorite stores..... Barnes and Noble book store!!

I spent two hours in this store.... Sitting and reading and sitting and reading!  I guess you could say that I was acknowledging a gift, as simple as having a free day at a book store.

After spending a few hours at the bookstore, I came back to the hotel and I enjoyed a nice lunch with my that time, I had no idea as to what the afternoon had in store for me.

After packing up and taking all our luggage to the car....I came back in to the hotel and found a comfortable sitting area which was located on the deck outside of the meeting rooms!  

Let me see if I can properly describe the place.   It was a shaded deck that overlooked a garden and a pool.   Just to my right, was a gorgeous water fountain that flowed down a brick wall....and emptied into the pool.  As I sat there on the deck....reading a decorating magazine....I could feel a fabulous breeze that blew my hair slightly off of my face!

It was just me, the breeze and the sound of water flowing.  Extremely peaceful to say the least.   I am so thankful for this unscheduled day of having NOTHING scheduled.   

Just as we plan for a vacation each year......we should also make it a point to schedule days off for nothing but ourselves.   NO Drs. appointments, NO shopping, NO commitments, NO appointments of any kind!!!   

It may be a long time before I'm able to spend another day like this one.....but I will for sure, add a note to my calendar......


Enjoy your Blessing of today...

Shug ~


  1. That's such a great idea! - So happy you had such a relaxing time. Very pretty fall scene.

  2. Sounds like a perfect way to recharge your inner self.

  3. EVERYONE should do this more often than we do.
    Sounds like you had a wonderfully peaceful day!

    M : )

  4. Hi There, Answering two posts today... First is the 'fence' one... I still don't understand what has happened to us in this country the past FEW years. There's so much anger out there --and nobody wants to just 'agree ti disagree' these days... Sad, isn't it? There are always different sides to different stories --and we don't usually know the entire story...

    NOW--on today's post: I try to take a day off (or a weekend off) --on Saturdays and Sundays... BUT--I seldom get it, since there is always so much to do! I guess when we get away on our day-trips is the best time for us to get these days off.... Glad you had one!!!!


  5. Shug, you are so right. We all need these times to recharge our batteries!


Thank you for Blessing me today with your comments...

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