Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Old Dirt roads at night.......

Last evening.....I rode along with Sam, on a Beaver hunt!  Those pesky little boogers can really do a lot of damage to any dam on a lake or pond!  I've learned a lot about these "cute" little animals.

Not only do they make a terrible mess when they chop down trees and drag them into the water to make their den, but they also dig out burrows in the side of the dam, which can cause major problems.   (like breaking the dam)

                                                                              (borrowed photo)

We didn't actually see any beavers on this trip....however, just being down at the farm, late at night...was!

These two photos are not very clear.....I was just trying to see what kind of pictures my iPhone would take at night......

The top picture was taken with me looking toward the pond, and that is an old irrigation pump.....and it still works!!

The second picture is just a dirt road, down at the farm!!  LOL.

I count it a privilege to be able to do simple things like this!      

The night time air felt absolutely wonderful......just me and my hubby in the sounding great.....old dirt roads.....sounds of crickets and bullfrogs.....and of course, a gorgeous moon shining bright!!  What could one NOT love about this??  

I won't lie......there was a black panther spotted down there, just this past week......I was a wee bit nervous each time Sam got out of the truck.     I can promise you that I would not have stepped one foot outside of the truck....for NO reason!!  lol.

Ah.....the joys of country life!!  I love it!!!

Wishing all my Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving weekend!!

Shug ~


Barb said...

Hi Shug~

We really are teenagers at heart, and still love to go for a ride on an old dirt road with our sweeties . . . sounds like fun!! I'm not sure about those, Black Panthers, that sounds really scary!!

We have a problem with beavers here too, they really can cause lots of problems!

Have a wonderful week-end!!


Pam said...

Awesome! I love country life and miss it big time after growing up on a farm. Lucky you! Have a great weekend Shug!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Thanks for the Thanksgiving wish. Being out on those country roads with the one you love,sounds heavenly to me.

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