Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, October 18, 2015

All in a Saturday!!

Hello everyone!!!

Guessing this caught you by surprise!

Just goofing around....... any of you know what life is like when you have a 7 year old for the day and "Entertain" is the name of the game?

This "Little Red Riding Hood" kept me pretty busy....all day long on Saturday!

Our homemade Tent!  

Books that we read!!

More Books.....Yes, Reindeer books!!!

A New Halloween Barbie Doll....and, the "American Girl" magazine came in!!!   This was a big highlight of our weekend.
Mylee, can sit for what seems like hours....looking at every detail on the dolls, and all of the cute furniture and play things that go with the Doll...

Of course.....every girl needs to do a little shopping!!  After purchasing the Halloween Barbie Doll....we took pictures of things to go on  her "Christmas Wish List."

Barbie with twins.....

Barbie with her horse.....

Barbie and her Bike...


Pretty neat stuff here and our little 7 year old had herself quite a day, picking out the stuff that she hopes to get for Christmas.

She told me not to worry about the Barbie Doll house....that she was asking Santa for that!!!

Thank goodness......LOL.

I enjoyed getting to spend the day with this precious grandchild...

Pretty awesome!!!!

Shug ~


Ruth Hiebert said...

Fun,fun,fun. These children are a delight to spend time with.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You DO look like a lot of fun! And I can look at dollie things for hours too so I would have fit right in. I need to get the American doll catalog! lol Hugs!

Ida said...

Oh goodness you made me laugh with that first photo. Silly is so fun.
Yes a 7 year old can keep one busy. Looks like you did a lot of really fun stuff together.
The other day Coleen (who's not quite 11 yet) was assigned a Kindergarten Buddy - Something they do at her school. Anyway she said, "Man Kindergarteners have a lot of energy, how did you ever manage to be around me when I was that age." - That cracked me up.

Nancy Chan said...

Ha ha...Shug! you look really fun to be with! Sometimes it is good to goof around with young kids to keep us young and fun. So fun to just enjoy playing doll without any worry of boring things!

Barb said...

Hi Shug~

Love your new dental work!!!

Grands are the best! Isn't it fun to make memories with these little people? These are memories that they will never forget, and when they make a tent with their little grands, they will think of you . . . :0)


Melinda said...

Looks like you two ladies had a great day!
What fun! Gotta love Halloween Barbie!!

M : )

Anonymous said...

that was the best Saturday!

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