Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bon Voyage

Tomorrow morning is "Bon Voyage" for this chic!!  I am super stoked about this trip!!

This is our first cruise!  Our first cruise with 5 of the Best friends you could ever ask for!  First snorkeling, first swimming with the Stingrays......First for many fun things.

I'm pretty sure that for many of you....this would be considered "Old stuff"'ve probably already done all these things!!

And, on your FIRST too, were probably just as excited as I am.   

I've had my suitcase packed since Wednesday.......

So, I get to the football game last night and one of our dear friends who has been on numerous cruises told me......."To come home and take out half of what I packed, and that that would probably still be too many items to take"

I could hardly sleep last night for wanting to get this, this morning, I get up and completely unpack my suitcase!! repack every item that I took out!!!  I know you all are laughing at me right now......BUT the truth is:  I NEED EVERYTHING IN THAT BAG!!!!! (Bags)  Plus my pillow and my FAN!

Here is the deal.......For Sam and I......I have 4 suitcases Packed FULL.   Two big bags and two smaller ones.    My stuff is packed in 3 of the bags and Sam's is all crammed into one of the smaller bags!!!!!!   Too much stuff is better than not enough.

Thankful that I have a good house sitter to keep things going here at home.    He will be taking care of my dog Bella.....(was gonna be $20.00 a day to have her boarded) YIKES!    And...he will be able to keep all of my hundred plants watered!!

The charge????? ........  A nice, COOL, place for our College grandson to study....and to hang out!  Also.....a refrigerator stocked with food and drinks!!   Pretty nice, I would say!!

No post from me for the next week!

See ya when I get back!!

Bon Voyage.....


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

If I were the Moderator.....

Sitting here watching the Republican Debates.   I have many thoughts bouncing around in this head of mine.   
If I were the moderator......My question would be: 
Please define what "Moral Absolutes" is!!!!!    If the candidates fail in answering this question and if their campaign is full of reckless decisions, then they should be banned from running for the office of President.   

Right is Right.......Wrong is Wrong!   And.....the Bible answers every single question regarding Right and Wrong!!

This nation was founded on Christian Beliefs.......and since the office that is being elected is President of the United States....I believe that the #1 foundation for their campaign should be based on Honesty and Moral Absolutes!!

Politics, appears to have become a stage for lies, distrust, name calling, cheating, back stabbing and most of all a selfish drive for many who places "self" above right and wrong.

Let me suggest to you that we ALL need to be on our toes and we need to seek God for the wisdom to vote for the Best qualified candidate!!  Best Qualified, based on their ability to seek God in the  decisions of running this Country!!!!


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

checking in......

Good morning, sweet friends.   

The morning temps feel so a matter of fact, I spent about an hour yesterday morning just sitting outside in the swing, and enjoying the awesome weather!  I watched a few squirrels and dodged a few pecans that they dropped to the ground.

Our trip last week to Tennessee and Florida was so relaxing (for ME) and it has left me being a little lazy this week.   

I don't have time to be lazy......Sam and I are leaving this next weekend, along with 5 of the Best friends ever......for a week long cruise to the Caribbean!   Can't wait!!!  Totally excited!!

Been waiting on this cruise to get here for about 6 months now!!
Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Jamaica........
Question is:  Do I try to snorkel?   I really, really want to......But then, what comes to mind is......I CAN'T SWIM!!!!!

I might just give it a try!!

Hopefully......I'll have my blogging mojo back after we get back from this trip.  I REALLY miss writing post that are inspirational.   

Hope each of you find your day filled with lots of joy!!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Feeling Blessed

Well....this is our 6th day on the road and I can truly say that I have so enjoyed this (Business trip) so far.   There have already been so many highlights, but of course....I don't have the pictures available to share with you.  

This small office that I'm working from doesn't allow me to do my BEST when it comes to posting.   I'm speaking about the front passenger side of our car!!

The only down side to this trip is........I did NOT bring my camera!
I know!!  Who takes a trip and leaves their camera behind??  Well, it was me this time.  The reason you might ask?....I decided at the last minute that it would be easier for me just to take my iPad ...after all, it does take good pictures as well.   The only issue is that is doesn't take far off pictures WELL!!!

Oh well....lesson learned!   When we left the house, I had no idea that this trip would take us so close to my wonderful bogging friend....Betsy from Tennessee.  We were 30 minutes away, so I could not let 30 minutes stand in the way of actually meeting someone that I have known for 5 years via blogging!!

Sam and I went to George and Betsy's home and I can sure tell you that it is lovely.   All the gardening of plants and flowers that she post about.....are absolutely beautiful......

Gorgeous roses!  Oh can sure tell that they harvest from all the time that they spend in their yard.   Beautiful roses with such a fragrance that is heavenly.  George picks one for her each day/week and therefore, she get to enjoy the roses on the inside and outside of their home.....Does that make sense the way I wrote that?  In other words....she also gets to enjoy the wonderful fragrance inside her home just like she does when she steps outside.  LOL.

Betsy and George welcomed us with big hugs.....and we enjoyed a wonderful visit.  Later, they filled our tummies with a great choice of dining at "Ruby Tuesday's"....Thanks to both of them for buying our meal.

Sam and I both, look forward to seeing them again in the future.

Another highlight.....was visiting with good friends that are in the Nursery business.....    John and Terri showed us around their farm and we even got to see their huge shed....filled with pumpkins of all kinds.  Pictures from my phone coming later!!  

I've never seen so many different kinds of pumpkins and they were stacked everywhere.  Piles of orange, green, white, yellow, and variegated pumpkins.  

It is always great to see good friends...

And now.......for all the wildlife that we have seen.   A BEAR!!!
Can you believe it?  I was so excited and see the black bear on the side of the road.   I did grab a picture from my iPad, but I had so much excitement within me, that the picture did not come out clear!  SAD :(

I had just told Sam, about an hour much I would love to see a bear!   And there he/she was!!!   About 40 feet from our car!!  AWESOME!!  Made my day....heck, made my week!!!

We have also seen Turkey's and Canadian Geese!  Two turkey's and about 40 Geese!  I also grabbed pictures of these on my phone!!

Today, we are in Florida......and who knows.....we just might see some gators!!   

This is a working trip for Sam.....and I guess you could say it is for me as well.   After all, I am the relief driver!   Prayers for safe travels are appreciated, as we still have a long ways to go!!  

Feeling Blessed!!

Hugs to each of you......


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome September

Welcome Friends......

It just dawned on me as to why I have been so eager to get started on my Fall decorations.   As most of you might recall, our home was in the Christmas Tour of homes last year.  

I practically had to skip the Fall season and move forward to the Christmas season......{like in September of last year.}   WE HAD NO AUTUMN at this house last year!!!!   

That's right...NO pumpkins, NO Autumn leaves, NO French vanilla or pumpkin spice candles, NO mums, NO scarecrows, NO apple pie or Banana nut bread!!!  Can you imagine?

So, for this reason.....I am "Falling" it up this year!!  Lol.

I'm adding the below things to my Fall Bucket List....

1.  Take a nature in hand.
2.  Roast Marshmallows
3.  Decorate homemade cookies
4.  Bake Fall treats
5.  Make a Fall Wreath
6.  Go to the Football games
7.  Carve a pumpkin
8. Do a Bible Study
10.  Go on a Road trip
11.  Go on a hayride
12.  Try a NEW Fall recipe

Ok....this is a good start, however.....I will more than likely 
do a lot of adding to this list!!

Hey Y'all......September is HERE.

Shug ~ 

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