Monday, June 29, 2015

I finally have been able to work on my blog.....just a little!  

I know that the 1st of July is not until Wednesday, but I decided to go ahead and switch over to the Red, White  Blue month.

Who is ready for some good ol' Watermelon eating?  As you can see......My friends sure love their melons!

This picture was taken a couple of years ago.....on the 4th of July!

I'm ready to eat some myself!!   

Friends make life Grand.......

Shug ~ 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sitting here this evening, watching one of my very favorite movies....."Sweet Home Alabama."

I'm guessing that I have seen this movie at least  20 or more times!   I never get tired of it and it is so amazing how each time I watch it, I see something that I never noticed before!   

What do I love about this movie???   When it comes down to it..... It's all about TRUE LOVE!  As much has I like Patrick Dempsy.....this is one movie that I'm glad he wasn't chosen to be "THE ONE."

Josh Lucas, who plays Jake Perry....has the prettiest Blue eyes and he has my heart in this particular movie!!   Lol.

One thing that can be learned in the plot of SHA is that one always needs to be honest!   Honesty can sure save a lot of heartaches.  

Honesty and true love......2 things I love !!!!!

Hugs y'all...I have a show to watch!


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

almost back to normal

I am happy to report that my back is so much better.   I still feel stiff, but at least I can now stand up without feeling like I have a knife jabbing into my back.   I've been to the chiropractor three days in a row now and I can definitely feel the difference. 

Bless my poor grand kids hearts.....they were looking forward to stopping at Duck Dynasty on the way home.....and stopping at the boardwalk in Shreveport,  to shop at the Bass Pro Shop.   

You know..... I think we underestimate kids at times.   Trey and Mylee were so understanding and so very helpful.  Both of them catered to me. They placed one of my bells (from my collection) on my night stand.   I think they both were so eager  for me to  ring it when I needed something.

This is so cool!   And it is simply made from wood pallets!   It is so amazing how many neat things can be with these things.   I saw several of them at the Pecan Growers show and as you can imagine.... My mind was racing with many decorating ideas.   

I can't wait to post a picture of our new fence!  I saw a fence in an outdoors magazine that I fell in love with.  Sam purchased all the supplies and went to work on it.

I am one happy it turned out just like the one in the magazine!!!!   Thank you sweetheart!!! 

Wow.... I just looked at the clock and its almost my bedtime!!!!!!     I'm not a late (nighter)!!!   Anytime between 9:00 and will find me crawling into bed.   

So....I must say "night, night, sleep tight.....don't let the bed bugs bite."

Shug ~

Monday, June 22, 2015

BACK....from Mississippi

We are home from Mississippi and I have no pictures to post of this trip.   Very disappointing for me.   

Sam had a good show at the Pecan Growers meeting......Mylee and Trey had a great time in the pool and they enjoyed seeing the Mississippi river..... For was quite an interesting trip!

For about three or four months now, my hips have been hurting and my back has felt out of place!  These things make for good signs that exercise is important.  I believe that the older we get, the MORE exercise we need.

Have I been paying close attention to my body and to my beliefs on the exercising thing???  No...the answer is NO I HAVEN'T.

All it took for me was a very hard bed for two nights in a hotel....and lifting a suitcase.  Not a heavy suitcase at that....just a simple bag, and back goes out!

I can definitely testify that having to ride for 5 hours to get home, with a back that is shooting sharp pains all across my lower back....was not FUN!

Could not have happened at a worse time.   I've had grandkids since last Wednesday and they will be here until tomorrow.   Don't get me wrong....the kids have been awesome.   I just feel so bad that we haven't been able to entertain them the way I had intended, while their parents were away.   

Poor Sam.....he had to cook his own Father's day meal.  I must say, the BBQ ribs, baked potatoes and baked beans were totally awesome!  He did an excellent job....   

I went to the chiropractor this morning for an adjustment.   Hopefully, in two or three days....I will be back on my feet!

I had no idea that it had been 2 years since I had seen my Chiropractor. time fly's.   I intend to do keep up with my monthly adjustments from here on out!!

Hope you all have a day filled with much joy...


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Well..... We are definetly getting to experience tropical storm "Bill!"   Rain....wind....and more rain!

Was hoping to leave all the water droplets behind, but it somehow seems to following us.  I say us, because Sam, Mylee Jo, Trey, and I are traveling to Mississippi right now.  

Sure cuts down on restroom stops!   No one wants to get out in the heavy rain.  💦💦💦.     I must admit.....driving in the rain makes me feel very uneasy.  I guess I should say... Riding in the rain makes me feel uneasy.   

Wish I could post pictures, but I haven't learned how to post pictures onto my Blog using my IPhone.    Something I need to learn to do!!  I have about 25 Barbie Dolls piled up in my lap right now... Fun, fun! 

Can you believe it is already the middle of June??
Great goodness ... This means that there are only 28 more Friday's until Christmas!!!!!

Back to our trip....  I don't think I'm a good traveler ANYMORE!   Flying is just way too easy!  The only time I prefer to drive is when we are antique shopping...   It's so much fun to travel the country roads and look for those small towns that have unique antique shops!   

What?  We've been on the road for a couple of hours now... And my hips are aching and I'm sleepy!  4 hours to go......  :( friends in Texas....keep your rain boots on!   I'll send sunshine, if I find it!!


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Round and Around.....

 Some of my little critter friends have been very active this morning....

This little fella is sporting a different coat of fur, from the rest of the squirrels in our yard.   I've never seen one this white before.

This sweet guy just finished eating a big pecan.....I guess it was time for a rest.   I honestly think that he is enjoying the cool temps on the old peddle car.   He was stretched out for a very long time.   

No fear here!   I was so close to this little rascal and he was not at all afraid.   

I certainly enjoy sitting out in my new yard swing......sipping my coffee.....and watching the squirrels chase each other....round and around the trees!   

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Saturday...

Shug ~

Monday, June 8, 2015

Sharp Pebbles

Thoughts for today:

It takes a lot of maturity to understand and follow the steps 

that God orders for us.....don't let selfishness and immature 

behaviors cause you to lose your step.......a missed step can

send us down an unpaved unpaved path CAN 

lead us back to where we were suppose to be going in the

first place, is quite possible that we may

encounter many sharp pebbles along the way.....?????

Oh well.....we all know how painful a sharp pebble can be 

when it approaches the delicate skin on the bottom of our 

foot/feet.      It can be brutal and cause us pain for many

days ahead.    

This is how I see the picture.......when I choose to take my

own  path and  I don't exactly follow the footsteps that God 

has ordered for me.   I can feel the pain and I experience

a bruised heart each time that I try to follow my own will.

 When I seek God ........  and I ask HIM 

to direct my steps.....then I know that I can rest assured that

I am heading in the direction that God has made for me...

Does this mean that I will never have problems or issues? does not!    But...what I do know is that when I 

follow the steps that God has chosen for me......I will find 

comfort and Peace.    I will be victorious!

Shug ~

Sunday, June 7, 2015

She Overheard them talking......

Just got home from a weekend get-away with the BEST husband in the world......

Hands down......Sam.....truly is the  BEST......He is an awesome guy!  He really is quite a comic when we travel.   Makes me laugh...makes me smile!

This trip was all about celebrating Shanda's 38th Birthday.   We had been planning all week....along with Shanda's husband (Tom) to surprise Shanda with an overnight trip to Frisco and a fabulous Birthday dinner.

But.....we made one mistake!  We told the boys....(grandsons)

And then.....Sweet.... Mylee Jo, overheard them talking about 
"Pops and Shug" meeting them at the hotel.
 So......she tells Shanda that we were going to be there!   


We had a great time anyways!......   Shanda was thrilled to see us there and the Birthday Celebration went on as planned!

Good Food........Cheesecake from the Cheesecake and more!!

It's Been a Great Weekend!!

shug ~

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Look at me.....

Our daughter (Trista) and her family built a new home last year and while it's not completely out in the is in a wooded area.  
Their house sits on about 10 acres of land and as you back out of their drive way, you are backing out onto an asphalt road, that runs between two other roads.    Needless to say....across this asphalt road, is nothing but woods.

As I was backing out of their drive (about a week ago) this little beauty caught my eye!   It was as if this little flower was saying:
"Hey....look at me!"

It was surrounded by nothing but weeds and branches from an old cedar tree.   This gorgeous yellow flower.....was tucked so softly inside all of the weeds, but stood out with such a striking beauty...

There are many lessons to be learned from this being that.... although you might feel stuck in a can push your way forward! that no matter what life throws at us......we can survive!!   Determination will guide us....we can reach for the stars!

I'm joining Good Fences today.....

Have a great one!
Shug ~

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Camp Joy!

This week is "Camp Joy" week, and I can certainly relate as to why it is called Camp Joy.  This camp is well deserving of its name.   

My little niece (Tammy).... is the one attending this camp.   All of the young adults that are attending the camp have different kinds of disabilities.   Can I tell you...... I admire the many people who sponsor such a wonderful week for these special people.

Tammy attends BVT a couple days a she is registered in the day program there.   BVT is a Faith based community for adults with mild to moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

This week, I have been dropping Tammy off at Breckenridge around 8:00 a.m. and returning to pick her up around 4:00 in the evening.  It has been such a "JOY" to see her step off of the BVT bus each day, because her face has a smile that reaches from ear to ear.

She is loving the camp.....which is sponsored by Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler Texas.  

I get excited just listening to her tell me about her day.   The camp provides fishing, swimming, basketball, bingo, games, snow cones, snacks, arts and crafts, races, and many other recreational activities for those attending.

Today.....she went fishing!  Did she catch anything?  No....but it was a big thrill for her to be at the lake with all of her other friends.  Yesterday, she won a journal while playing bingo.......oh my, it was as if Santa had just paid her a visit....

Sure makes me stop and think about life!!  How I fret over this and I take things for granted.  

The blind only wish to see, the deaf only wish to hear and the mute only wish to speak.......Things that seem of just little value to us, can be ALL that someone else wants......appreciate even the little things in life.......there are many who are less fortunate. 

Hugs to each of you.....


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I Strongly Disapprove

I am so ranting today!

This is one post that I wish I could "SHOUT" out, all across America, to every driver that gets behind the wheel of a vehicle.

On my way to Tyler today....I honestly felt as if I were in some kind of driving battle.   Every where I looked, a driver was either texting or talking on their phone.   Several in front of me were also driving erratically.  

When I'm behind a person who irresponsibly drives and text......I can almost always know what is happening!  

While they may think they are in control of the vehicle....their path tends to tell otherwise.   Crossing lines....slowing down....speeding up.....These are good indications that someone is texting and driving!

When it comes to "meeting" a can sometimes be too late to know what they are doing.    In other words....they have crossed the line and are heading right for you, before you have to hit the ditch to avoid a head on collision. 

This particular quote.......says what needs to be said!!!

Why?  Why would a parent, text their child or their loved one.....knowing that they could possibly be behind the wheel of a vehicle????   What is a kid to do?   

1. They send  a reply text at the risk of their own life being taken, or the life of someone else being taken too soon.

2.  They ignore the text....and usually end up in trouble when they get home for not replying to the text.

Wake up Parents!!!

It is frightening to think about sharing the road with a someone who is not in control.....It makes me want to shout...

Wake up People!!!

The least that a person could do....(if they are going to continue to text, talk and drive)

Put a huge red flag on your warn others that you are driving dangerously and are being very inconsiderate of the lives of others.

In the past....I have been guilty of texting and driving....maybe one or two times.   Very unwise decision.

However.....I know of so many people who have suffered loss, due to a driver that was texting.    A texted message is NOT worth the risk of losing ones life or losing the life of others.

I STRONGLY disapprove of Texting and Driving!!!

If this opens one persons eyes today.....then I say....
Thank you Lord!

blessings my sweet friends..
Don't Text/Talk and drive!!


Monday, June 1, 2015

True Friendships

I've seen situations like this happen all around me and I just cannot for the life of me understand!  

*Note:  Many times I write about things I see happening to people I know....just because I write about it.....doesn't mean that it pertains to ME or to my family!  I say this....because, so often I write about something and before I know it, when I go to the ballpark or to the grocery store.......there are a few people that will stop me and ask me what I did about this and that.  Does this ever happen to you?   If I write about does not mean I am depressed!  I'm actually a very upbeat person.
If I write about doesn't mean I have a thorn in my side!!!

Now....My thoughts for today!   The meaning of being a Friend.

 People amaze me......Honestly, they do!

I am a people person.....I love people!    If you are my friend, then you are my friend for life.   There are many times that things in life bring about change when it comes to relationships....But, just because there is a change, it does not mean that you are NO longer my friend.   

Help me understand!!!!

How is that people can be your friend.....and then all of sudden, turn against you as if you never existed?   Does one sum it up as this?

1.   They never were a true friend in the beginning
2.   They are childish and selfish
3.   They find you boring

I don't know.......but I have seen many people hurt, because a so called friend closes the relationship under unexplained causes.    Sad to say....but none of us come with labels attached to our foreheads which indicates if we have within us, what it takes to be a good friend.   There is no label to warn us about people who can be tacky in ever kind of way!

What are the characteristics of good friend?

Must they dress to perfection?   NO.......
Must they be popular.......?   Absolutely NOT

Must they be honest........?    Honesty is necessary in any relationship.

Must they be accepting......?  YES.....a true friend accepts you no matter what troubles come your way.

Will they protect you....?   again....the answer is YES.

True friendship is clearly marked with UNSELFISHNESS!!   Friendships have no place for Jealousy!!!!!!!

A good friend is always respectful of their friends....

"Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave  footprints your heart"

I am so thankful that I can call each of you my friend! 

shug ~   

A Day of Remembrance

  We have had a Beautiful Day here in East Texas....... Memorial Day:   A day of remembrance for those who died in service for our Country! ...