Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sitting here this evening, watching one of my very favorite movies....."Sweet Home Alabama."

I'm guessing that I have seen this movie at least  20 or more times!   I never get tired of it and it is so amazing how each time I watch it, I see something that I never noticed before!   

What do I love about this movie???   When it comes down to it..... It's all about TRUE LOVE!  As much has I like Patrick Dempsy.....this is one movie that I'm glad he wasn't chosen to be "THE ONE."

Josh Lucas, who plays Jake Perry....has the prettiest Blue eyes and he has my heart in this particular movie!!   Lol.

One thing that can be learned in the plot of SHA is that one always needs to be honest!   Honesty can sure save a lot of heartaches.  

Honesty and true love......2 things I love !!!!!

Hugs y'all...I have a show to watch!



Christine said...

I've seen the movie a long time ago.
Sounds like a good one to watch again.

Gail Dixon said...

Not sure I've ever seen that one. Right now we have turned our TV off. Double D refuses to watch the news and nothing else on but reruns. So maybe we should try watching some good, clean movies from back in the day.

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