Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Here I sit in a room that is surrounded by white walls.   Four white walls!!!   I'm about Ready to open the door and Scream!   "Does anyone know I'm in here???  Have you forgotten me?  All I can here is the buzzing sound of the air conditioning unit running.   Thank goodness for the cool air, or I for sure would be going nuts.

I see tongue supressors, a jar of cotton swabs, and a huge chart that tells you what your ideal body weight SHOULD be.  Like I want to see that!!!   Lol.    And oh, I also see that chart which they use to assess a persons pain level.

I wonder if they will wake me up if I decide to take a nap on this super uncomfortable Dr's. table?  Just to think, I could have already had a thirty min nap!!!    No kidding.

I suppose that I could leave them a note...to say...."my tummy is healed and all is good!"
Send the bill to Sam!!!

This is basically what I'll be saying when and if the Dr. does realize that he has a patient in room 6.
Do I sound a little impatient???   Surely not!

So what, if my APPOINTMENT was 45 min ago?

I haven't eaten lunch yet.... So I now hear the added sound of my tummy growling.   Don't you just love it when your stomach talks to you?


And finally......the Dr. came in!  All is good with my colon re-section.  PTL!
I have a few more weeks of no lifting and being conservative with what I eat.......in other words....go light on the marshmallow Easter Bunnies.....   LOL!

Thank you Lord for all things.........Thank you Lord for this gorgeous day!!


  1. Well??? What did he say, how are you? I am so tired of having the diverticulitis, and glad you are now rid of it for good! Your header is stupendous, gorgeous purple tulips! And just think, soon they will be here! Last week, we had to wait in the E.R. waiting room four hours!! And that was before we even got into the E.R. itself!! I think the whole country needs more doctors!

  2. Shug, it is really beyond me that the Drs office has to run so late all the time and leave you stranded in the room. At least someone could stop in to tell you they are running late! Hope all is well.

  3. That annoying long wait led to hearing you are doing well. Hurray.

  4. Oooo! that burns me up!
    I don't like being there sitting waiting... and yes! I've wondered on occasion "do they even know that i'm here?"
    I think we'd be within our rights to bill them. Our time is valuable. ...to somebody,right?
    I mean... I DO HAVE A BLOG TO WRITE!
    So glad you got a good report...now be a good girl...and lay low on the PEEPS!

  5. ps...
    i LIKE the new look of your blog!

  6. I always have a long wait when I see my primary care doctor. She's slow, but she's thorough and takes her time. But sometimes I want to tell her to give me the Reader's Digest Condensed version...lol! I'm glad your visit resulted in good news even tho you had such a long wait. Take care!

  7. It is so annoying to have to wait for the doctor. We are definitely at their mercy. I'm glad to hear that all is well. Take care & maybe just a few peeps?? :)

  8. I was stuck in an examination room, once, for so long that I was seriously considering calling for some take out pizza. LOL! True story! Glad to hear you're healing nicely.

  9. Oh how hard the WAIT is in doctor's offices.. YUK... BUT--glad you got GOOD news. Praise God.

    Just continue to be careful for awhile and let your body heal... God Bless.


  10. Good news at the end of that wait is the best.

  11. Glad you had good news, but understand your feelings. I think we've all been there and done that.


  12. I am so happy you checked out good! Those doctors leaving you in a room for so long is aggravating. What did we do before all our gadgets??? I either read or play games on mine while waiting.


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