Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Heart was so Touched!!

God dwells in the atmosphere of His Praise!!

The Bible says that God inhabits the Praises of His people. {Psalm 22:3}

I define Praise as admiration, thankfulness, and respect for God.  As we magnify the Lord, and give Praise to His name.....HE eagerly awaits the sweet fragrance of our truthful acknowledgement, that HE is worthy of ALL praise!

The heart of Worship is the complete surrendering of ourselves to God's control.
It is to be, in the spirit, with our whole heart.

This past Sunday heart was so touched by the Worship and Praise which came from one of the youth from our church.

This young man is challenged.   He suffers mentally, physically, and environmentally. However....none of these were a challenge for him during Worship and Praise.   

I believe I witnessed the Spirit of God in this young mans life.  The Spirit of God is well able to do miraculous things when we give our all to God.  No disability of a person, is going to stop God from letting the power of His anointing fill the heart,soul, and body.   

When your heart is filled with true Worship and Praise, then God will send His angels to act on your behalf.

This young man stood, with his hands lifted up, Praising God in all of his fullness.  There were No signs of any kind of disability to be seen.  

After was clear to see that Yes, he is still that same challenged young man.....But for a moment in time....{God's Time}...he was free to feel the presence of God, and was free to Worship and Praise God through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  

I am thankful that I was there to witness the sweet breath of God as He breathed upon this young guy.

Blessings My Friend.

Shug ~

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  1. What a lovely thing for you, and all in the congregation to witness, and even more so, for the young man to experience.


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