Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Electrical Twinkle-EEZ

I have needed to be here!  I've needed my friend time in the Blogging world.

Ever since the "Christmas tour of homes"....we have been having some unexpected electrical issues here at the house.

Did anyone say OVERLOAD?  I love Christmas lights and I'm guessing that I went into the overload zone with all my twinkle-eez at Christmas.

I say all of this to SAY....we have had  
a complete electrical re-do this week...
Yep, Completely NEW Breaker box inside, and NEW Electrical boxes outside.   New Wiring...New Plugs!  

This called for a lot of moving the furniture out of the way....I also had to completely empty the storage room where the breaker box is located.  It was moved and is now already back in place!! 

There are a lot of bones in my body that are not happy with me right now!!

The tough part, was having NO electricity while all of this work was being done!! 

If you've missed me or missed my comments on your post....this was the reason why.  No computer...iPad was not charged....and I can't see well enough on my phone to write a post or to read post!! LOL.  "This {getting old} stuff is harder than I thought."   

Anyways....it's all fixed now and I feel much safer!

Sweet hugs...

Shug ~


  1. What a relief to get that done! I know you'll feel better about it now. Have fun catching up! lol (I am NEVER caught up!) Hugs, Diane

  2. being without power sure sets us back. I can't help but think of our ancestors who did not have electricity at all. I can't imagine living like that.

  3. How long did all this take? Now you can use even MORE lights!! And not have to worry. I wish we could do the same thing.

  4. That is a big undertaking!! Glad it is finished. It does make you feel good knowing things are done right. We had issues with our outside lights, too. I still need to call someone to take a look at that. Arghhh... Glad you are back up and running! blessings ~ tanna

  5. It's like new underwear, they fell good but nobody else see or appreciates them like you do.
    God is good!

  6. Always great to get things back in order, but it does create a lot of work in the meantime! Run a hot tub of water, fix a cup of tea and some candles, and just relax.

  7. My goodness! How inconvenient but necessary. Hope all is finished and well and you'll be safe. Our insurance company made us do that last year. Missed ya!


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