Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Feel, Think, and then Speak...

I've often heard folks say that they have a "Sweet Tooth."   Well....I have one up on them!  I have a whole mouth full of sweet "TOOTHS"

I mean.....honestly......I LOVE Sweets!  When it comes to food, there are a lot of food items that I do not like....Liver being one of them, along with ONIONS!

However, when it comes to SWEETS......   There is nothing that I won't eat.   I love sweets...I love Sugar!!  {Maybe, this is the reason my grandkids call me Sugar}

Have you ever heard that old saying: ??  "Keep your words soft and sweet.  You never know when you're going to have to eat them."

This is something I learned a long time ago!   We should always THINK before we say something.

This past Thursday night, Sam and I went to watch our grandson (Carson) play his first football game of the season.  BTW....he is totally awesome!!  {Words spoken by a grandmother}

 Can I tell you....people need to be very cautious when they speak out at games or in public places....

It was during the game just before Carson's game, when a player on the field made a big error.   One of the parents in the stands made a critical comment in regards to that player AND his abilities to play ball.    Needless to say, the comment was loud enough for the young man's family to hear.   

His family was very kind and never uttered a word to the guy who had just criticized their son.   Instead.....they shouted out words of encouragement toward their son, who was still out on the field.

You's just so much easier to just keep our mouths shut, if all we have to say is going to hurt others.  All it does, is reflect a NEGATIVE  attitude on the part of the one criticizing..... 

The words we speak....reflect who we are!!

We should always FEEL --  THINK -- and then SPEAK!!

Feel the hurt that others might feel when we lash out......Think about how we would feel if someone deliberately took a jab at us.....Speak the words that we would appreciate others speaking to us. 

Much like the love of the sweetest taste that we enjoy savoring in our mouth.......we should also enjoy SPEAKING SWEET words of kindness!!!!

hugs y'all.....  
Shug ~


Pam said...

Right on, Shug! That's a lesson hard to learn for many people. Over many years of keeping score for boy's LL baseball games I've heard parents like this more than once. Good for the players' parents encouraging their son! Have an awesome Sunday and thanks for this reminder!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The words we speak reflect who we are...that is SO true my friend. I try to spread a little sunshine when I'm out and about. Harsh words are hard to get back in your mouth! Enjoy your day my friend! Come over and I'll make us some fried pies! HUGS!

Melinda said...

Very well said! Some people get so
involved in sports that they
spout off stuff not EVEN thinking
that person's family is there too.
How would the feel if somone mad a comment about their child.

By the way those cupcakes have
made me hungry.

M : )

Michelle said...

Wise words! We all need more words of sweetness!

Ginny said...

I totally agree, Shug!! But sometimes people let their emotions overpower their brains!! Your story is so sad. Children's sports are meant to build up the kids and give them confidence! Parents get way too involved and forget it is just a game and need to lighten up!! Did you take this muffin macro? Wow, I can see every tasty crumb, and a shiny crusty top!! I need a snack now!! So THIS is why you were called Shug! Either that or you were so sweet yourself.

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Momma always said, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." The negative commentors...should've listened to Momma.
The WORD says: "A soft answer turns away wrath."
Now, I am in no position to expound on Gods word...but it seems to me most of the time we think that it means it turns away their wrath...the person we are softly speaking to...but I've come to learn-- that if I give a soft answer to someone who has spoken harsh words to ME, then it usually turns away MY wrath! How's that for Grace, huh?

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

I like your advice at the end !

Ruth Hiebert said...

Words of wisdom. It is all too easy to cause hurt with just a few words. Now,offer me sweets and I will be your friend.I also have a mouth full of sweet tooths.

Terri said...

Super advice Shug! Our words can have the power to do so much damage to others and we all need to think before we speak. This is something I have been working on for a long time. I know this to be true...the softer & kinder my words, the quieter the other person gets. Kind words can stop gossip in it's tracks, puts a smile on people's faces and it spreads happiness. Three great reasons to follow your advice.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Shug, When my son was a softball coach (Girl's softball), he was SHOCKED at the behavior of the parents.. Unbelievable --and it seems to be getting worse and worse... Words can do so much damage to a child. TERRIBLE....

I like sweets --but don't eat them often these days (trying to stay healthy)... BUT--there's not many foods which I don't like.. I love liver and I also love onions. I cannot imagine not liking onions.. Don't you even cook with it???


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