Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Living The Rural Life....

While living in a rural area has many also totes a few disadvantages as well...

like.....a whole lot of pollen...which causes ALLERGIES!

This is what Allergies can do to you!  It appears that our #3 grandson....Carson, has suddenly become allergic to Something!

These whelps popped out on him yesterday while he was at school... He was covered with them.  

Bless his heart....this is miserable!  He had whelps all over his torso and even up on his face.

Benadryl did he ended up having to go to the Dr. to get a shot.  

East Texas is a Beautiful place to live....BUT, all of the green grasses and the gorgeous flowers, render up some pretty mean pollen, which can play a lot of havoc on our bodies....

I'm hoping Carson is better this morning....

We have so much going on this weekend....Gonna be a little busy around here...

Enjoy your weekend....



Betsy Adams said...

Oh My----I'm sure he was miserable... Bless his heart.

One of my sons had that type of allergy once.. We never did find out what caused it --but it FINALLY went away (after a couple of doctor's visits)... Who knows!!!!

Good Luck...

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh no! That looks painful.Steve had allergies to a lot of things when he was in his early teens,but has outgrown them,Hope your grandson gets relief soon.

Barb said...

Hi Shug~

Ouch! I can't even imagine the misery! I hope he feels like himself very soon... :0(


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Hi Shug-
my littlest grandaughter had the same thing happen with her last week when all my littles were sick.
She is the only one to break out in HIVES.
I guess each person reacts differently.
Hope you're enjoying all this beautiful weather.
The wind is really blowing here.
But we're having a pretty nice weekend overall.

Anonymous said...

Poor Carson! I missed him in class. Hope he feels better soon!

Melinda said...

No fun at all, hope he is better

M :)

Gert said...

Oh my goodness..I pray he is better by now and they know what caused he can ignore it in the future!

Michelle said...

Poor guy! Same thing used to happen to my son. Kentucky isn't much better in the pollen department. I hope he found some relief!

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