Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Now to Finish the Post......LOL.

Funny thing....I must have pressed the "Post" button on this particular post by ACCIDENT.   I noticed that I had a few comments in regards to this post and I immediately went OH NO!!

Now...To finish the post!!

Texting.......    Do you Text?  I do.....but NEVER EVER    do I text and drive!!!   

How often do you see this??  Very sad isn't it?

More and more often....when we go out to eat, we see couples sitting total silence with their eyes glued to their phones.   They are either texting or playing games.  What has happened to communicating with each other....while enjoying a nice relaxing dinner together?

If you do you use proper grammar and top it off with correct punctuation?  I suppose I have way too much old school in me.  Grammar and punctuation are important to me.

I had to take penmanship in college, along with many business classes and even shorthand.   I was taught to use good grammar and to always use correct punctuation, because it could make a big difference in the meaning of a sentence.

(I'll have to admit....As I've gotten older, I've done a poor job when it comes to correct punctuation)

Back to texting.    Punctuation....grammar....??   Does this even matter? It does to me...

 It is so stinking hard for me to use all the shortcuts  when texting.     Things like..

B/W...... Between
BAU......Business As Usual
CIL.....Check In Later
EML.....Email me later
G2G.......Got to go
CW2CU......Can't wait to see you

I don't know about the rest of you, but I can type out all of the words faster than I can try to remember the abbreviations and type.  

I simply can not text a sentence and NOT include the period at the end.    My elementary teachers spent a lot of time teaching us kids how to use a period or question mark at the end of a sentence.  

I was watching some kids text the other day and I couldn't believe how fast they could text, with both of their thumbs.   Makes me wonder if the kids that are learning keyboarding at school these days, are taught to ONLY use their thumbs.

Thumbs?   When I was learning to type, the only button that my thumbs touched was the space bar button.   

This texting stuff is BIG, and even though I have been using text for a couple of years now.....I can tell that I still have a lot to learn.

After all....It's the way of the Future!!



Betsy Adams said...

I text --but never EVER while driving --or when I am with someone else. I hate seeing kids and adults sitting at a restaurant texting... Nobody talks to one another anymore... So SAD...

I also use 'proper' English.. Like you said, it was the way we were raised and taught.


Anonymous said...

that cartoon is funny and sadly true, lol, I don't text, I don't even have a phone, other than a land line, my husband does but I'm not interested,

Mary Callan said...

I have to tell you a quick story. I was on vacation with my family over Christmas and we went out to dinner on Christmas night. We were all exciting and chatting away, the table next to us there was another family with 3 kids - each kid had there own ipad and watching a movie - no one was talking - SO SAD! the amazing thing was my kids were outraged!! - after all the times they hated my for taking away their phones!!!
Anyway - Happy New Year!!
Mary x

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I do text,but NOT while driving.My son and I communicate via text almost daily.

Gail Dixon said...

I cannot stand shortcuts in texting. I type the whole word. The iPhone usually finishes the word anyway if I don't feel like typing it out. But not while driving!

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