Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, January 10, 2014

My Friday Chat....

It's a good, good day!

Feel like I have to share this with all of you.......I'm being lazy today.   I sure am!!  I am home ALL BY MY LONESOME....and I have found a comfy spot in the left hand corner of our sofa.

The only sounds that I hear occasional bark from the dog out back, and the almost silent sound of my laptop.  I love it!  I do...I love this.   My ears are way too sensitive for all of the noise that surrounds me each day.   It's nice to relax with a hot cup of coffee, and nothing but thoughts in my head. many of you are enjoying the newest fashions out there?  

When did it become OK just to wear your panty hose out in public?

You know me....I'm just being jealous because I can't wear this stuff.....   I suppose I could, BUT ?????????


Oh.....and by the way.....the above photo is one taken from another source......It's not me!!!!!!


Big difference, isn't there?

Come on fashion need to concentrate on the old and the chubby just a little.

give us a break sometimes!

New subject!!

So, I went to visit my youngest brother at the hospital earlier this morning....   While I was there, this elderly gentlemen sticks his head in the door and begins his conversation with:

"I've had four stints put in my heart."    

Me:   "I'm sorry...hope you're feeling better!"

Him:  "Oh, I've had them for a while now."  "I smoked for 40 years."

Me:  "I suppose you quit?"

Him:  "NO....I still smoke."  "I can't breath well, but I've got that figured out as well."
"It wears me out to walk very much, so I just get in my car and back it up about 20 yards to the mailbox each day."

Oh my.....someone help me understand!!

I have no idea why I even want to understand something like this!!

Ok y'all......I'm out of here for today!



Lea said...

Yes, you are so right, sometimes the noise is just too much. I'm in my recliner, music playing and enjoying being by my lonesome for a little while. Love it!!!

Sounds like that man doesn't learn very quickly or has a secret "death wish." My goodness, how ignorant.

And, yes, the styles are definitely for the minority of women, not the majority.

Happy weekend!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The peace and quiet of my own home is often the very best. Have a super weekend.

Gail Dixon said...

Some smokers are so stubborn! My mother's best friend--who smoked--had mouth cancer. Had half her tongue removed AND STILL SMOKED! Until she died, that is. I don't understand either.

You made me laugh on the leggings thing. I wish, too, that designers would focus their efforts on ordinary people who have a shape other than a pencil.

Keep on smilin' Shug and have a nice weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

amazing, it kind of irritates me when we hear of a young person dying or someone who takes good care of them selves and then you see someone who blatantly abuses their life,
I shouldn't judge,
anyway the fashions right now are not for me, I have a small waist no fat tummy but I have big hips and legs, leggings look horrid on a fat legs, in my opinion, I can't even buy high boots unless they are for fat calves, ha ha, tree stump legs!!!But I will not complain, my legs may be fat but they have carried me this far in life and I am grateful for what God gave me, ( I would love to be able to wear leggings though or skinny jeans) my husband said I'm to old for them anyway, lol, MEN!!!! lol,

Betsy Adams said...

I guess people do make their own choices about life--staying healthy... Gads!!!

They do need some fashions for us 'larger' women... There are more large women these days than there are small ones.. SO??????

Have a great time having a Shug Day.

How's your Daddy?

Terri Buster said...

Hey I love my leggings/jeggings whatever they are called- I just make sure I wear a long sweater over my rear so I don't get photographed for a "people of walmart" episode! LOL!

Melinda said...

They need to make those designs
NOT fuddy duddy either.
But I
also think that some women also
need a reality check and either
not wear them or cover up the hip
ares better!

M : )

Mary Callan said...

It's rare I have a few hours to myself but when I do it's wonderful!
Mary x

Debbie said...

For some, addiction is part of their life and they purpose to accept that. It's sad. I think we all know that it ruins your health.
I wish I was thin, but I don't think I'd wear that.I like to think that at almost 60, it isn't that I couldn't, it's more like I know better. :D

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