Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My New Area Rug.....Don't Be Jealous!

It's amazing how the look of a room can drastically change when using area rugs!  I know that most of you are going to be extremely jealous when you set your eyes upon the new area rug that is adorning our family room......

I'll show it to you a little later in this post.   

In this entrance hallway, the area rugs are being used not only to decorate the floors, but to also provide protection on the hardwood as people enter from the outdoors.  

Imagine how bare this bedroom would look without the area rug in the room.   

In this photo, you can see how the area rug makes a difference by allowing color to separate the furniture from the floor.

(Borrowed Photo)

You all know me.....I like a lot of boldness and this particular rug splashes so much color that it brings excitement to me and to the room.

The reward of having area rugs is that we get to reap an amazing warmth that any rug can deliver.

NOW.....for the big reveal of my new rug!!!

Perhaps I could use a finger drum roll right about now...

What do you think???

I came home the other day and found this spread out across our family room floor.    Oh adds color doesn't it???

What can I say.......Don't Be Jealous!!

I think I just intercepted your thoughts........

was something like......"Bless you Shug."

Hey.....if the family is happy, then I'm happy!

Shug...... ~


Betsy Adams said...

What a cute blog post... Made me laugh outloud. I wondered what kind of run you had --while I was looking at all of the other ones... WELL--was I ever surprised????? What a cute post... Loved it.

We still have carpet ---and some of it is looking pretty shabby... I may get some of those area rugs to help that situation --until we do something drastic.


Gail Dixon said...

Haha, I was not expecting that! It does add color! :) I bought Double D one of these for his office years and years ago. I think he played with it once.

Dee @ A Lapin Life said...

Cute! My boys would love one too :)

Debbie said...

You're so funny! I liked that rug with the flowers on it too. :D

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I agree,if it makes the family happy,then its a good thing.

Lea said...

How funny! I'm married to a golfer husband too. Smiles!

Michelle said...


Gert said...

You are so funny...made me


Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh Shug, you crack me up.!
I'm a sucker for a nice area rug and I was pulled right into this one. Ha!
Hope green is your color cuz I'm guessing this "rug" won't be going anywhere soon.
Have fun with it!
xo jj

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

LOL! I love it!!! I have to admit that twenty years ago I might have been the guilty party to procuring a VERY similar area rug. ;) LOL! It is definitely a help to your putting stroke. ;) blessings and hugs ~ tanna

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