Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Turkey's No Longer Gobbling...

Our Turkey is no longer Gobbling!!!    :(

It sure was GOOD though!!  All of the other Stuff was wonderful as well....   Pecan Pie, Apple Cake, Chocolate Pie,
and....the healthy stuff too!!

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!  We have MUCH to be thankful for.

My day tomorrow begins at:   4:00

I'll see y'all tomorrow night!!

Shug ~

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why oh Why.....Haven't I Done This in the Past?

In our little part of the Country, we are having Sunshine!   And, I am so happy to see it!'s been COLD these past few days....No kidding!  

The wet rain didn't keep me from making a stop at the grocery store.  Hopefully, I now have everything that I need to complete our Thanksgiving dinner.

I have to tell you all.......I have done a first!   Please don't think of me as being some kind of "twisted" person when I tell you what it is........But, this is the very first year for me to EVER 
shop ...... Online!

I did it!!!   I sure stinking did!   Some of the stores that I needed to shop in, are located about
100 miles away from us.   I guess you all know what this means?  I saved money by not having to fill my car up with $3.79 per gallon gas-o-line!!  Woo, Hoo.......that's what I'm talking about!

Why?  Why haven't I done this in the past??

Not only did I order ONLINE, but I did it in the comfort of our home!   My feet thanked me, as I sat there on the sofa.....with me sweet little piggies, comfortably resting on the Ottoman. 

My body thanked me for not having to be bound (for hours) in a tight fitting bra.......while I shopped.   I sat there in my Pj's and took all of the time that was needed for me to complete each order!!   Not only that, but I also served myself a nice warm brownie AND a sweet cup of Hot Chocolate/with Marshmallows........while SHOPPING!

Are you kidding me?  This is the way to go!!!!!   Oh, and did I mention....."FREE" shipping!  

Two items will actually ALREADY be wrapped when delivered.   Of course, you know that I'm not going to be satisfied with that!!  Oh no.....first of all, the wrapping paper will probably not match mine.  Second of all, I'd sure hate for one of my baby boys to get a big surprise on Christmas Eve!!  I'd be expecting them to open up a cute toy that was on their list, and instead, the package would have mistakenly been stuffed with some kind of item that would not only embarrass them, but would make my face turn all colors of RED!   Nope....I'll be checking the content.....for sure!!

I have discovered something NEW and I'm so happy that I did!!

Oh, Oh, Oh........I didn't tell you all about the big goose that is in my freezer!  Yep, The boys went hunting last evening.....and one of them shot a big goose!!   Woo hoo!!!     I love Country Life!!

Hope you all enjoy the kindest kind of day!!

shug ~

Monday, November 25, 2013

Oink, Oink......It's cold outside!

Baby, it's Cold outside!   I 'm just hoping that our little "Piggies" are keeping warm!

I'm talking about the new addition to the family!

Sam and I are now "Grandparents" to:

"Punkin-Roll" on the left
and......"Gus" on the right!


"Theo".....pictured here with Tori!

We all, instantly......Fell In Love with these Piggies!!

All three of them were delivered yesterday afternoon, to their new home, which is located on the back lot of 
the kid's new home (which is still under construction.)

Pretty nice home......for a pig!

Oh.....and let me tell you......the piggie house is adorned with "Christmas lights!"   This is a must show!

(sorry for the was COLD outside, last night)

I know y''s a first for me as well....

I too, have never seen a pig pen, decorated with 
Christmas Lights!

I must tell you though.......those little piggies, and the addition of the Christmas Lights.....

Made us ALL have some Big ol' Smiles !!!

These are the kind of things that make life Fun!!

Happy to say that we are now proud grandparents of

3 new show pigs!!

Oink, Oink!!

Oh how I love "Simple Joys"

Shug ~

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Black Friday.... I'm wondering about this thing that we call 
"Black Friday."

I know that Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated on a different date from the date that we celebrate here in the US.
I'm not sure about other to whether or not they acknowledge Thanksgiving at all, or when it might be.

I have not looked this up, but I'm guessing that the USA and Canada are the only two Countries to do so.

SO......this made me think about BF.  Is this a United States thing....ONLY?    Does Canada have a "Black Friday" shopping day?

I don't get mad.....I just sometimes say that I'm mad......and with that said, I'm mad today!  Why?  Because I do not like the fact that stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day this year.    

Many stores are opening their doors.....right after noon.  Even though I am a shopper, and I must say..... I LOVE IT,
I believe that Thanksgiving Day should be reserved for spending time with family and friends.......and for reflecting upon all of the many blessings that we receive every single day...

If the retail stores are going to continue to open their stores on TD, then I see no reason to have a Black Friday!!!

For those of us who like to shop (and I do understand that many people do not).....BF is a day that we look forward to all year.

We map out our stops......We have special T-shirts made.....
we wake up at 4:00 A.M. .........We have certain stores on our list that we must stop at before grabbing something for breakfast.

We love to get mixed up it all of the hustle and bustle....We sing Christmas songs and listen to Christmas music......We act like kids!!

We meet our guys around 6:30 for dinner at the Jalapeno' Tree.......We go back to the stores......We end our day around

And to think that the retail shops want to change all of this for us........makes me mad!!   Disappointed is more like it!

Don't get me wrong.....I'm definitely not a "Habitual" shopper...    This is just one of those days that I like to do my Christmas shopping with my girls by my side!!  It's a family thing....0

So tell me those of you who live in Canada, or other Countries for that matter.......have such a day as 
Black Friday??

Shug ~

Friday, November 22, 2013

Great day to Snuggle...

I love the sound of a gentle rain with thunder in the distance..  This is exactly what we have going on right now and I am certainly enjoying the morning.   Of course, I sure was sad to see my darlings, having to get out in the rain as they headed off to school.

  Believe's during times like this, that I don't mind being OLDER!  I get to stay home and sip on a hot cup of coffee as I spend quality time.....BLOGGING!
Oh........AND, it's a great day to snuggle up in a Warm blanket!!

I have several things on my list of "TO DO's" for the day, but nothing requires me to have to step outside.
This rarely happens, but somehow I saved all of my laundry for today.  This has been a week of running errands and doing for others!!!

Now, I must concentrate on the weekend......   I do not like to go into a weekend, with loads of laundry in baskets, or with a mess in the house.   Not sure about you, but I prefer to start my Saturday morning with nothing holding me back from what I want to do.  

My darlings have already given me their Christmas list, and starting Monday morning......I plan to be out there picking up some of these items, before their sizes are gone and most definitely before the mad rush of Black Friday shopping.    I need to clarify something though......I WILL BE SHOPPING ON BLACK FRIDAY, just not doing the serious shopping.......BECAUSE, I will already have it DONE!!!

How about you???   Are you a "Black Friday" shopper?     I have a lot of friends that stay as far away from the shopping areas as possible.   I can't fib about is a bit harder to do these days, BUT.....

                                                       THIS WILL BE ME ON FRIDAY!!



Have a Blessed Day.....

hug ~

Monday, November 18, 2013

Just Because!!

It's during the Holiday Season, that I really seem to miss my mom the most!  She was an excellent cook and last evening, I was thinking about the super delicious custard pies that she would bake for ME at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I suppose this is the reason that I felt a need to drive over to the cemetery this morning....
I picked up my dad and after a small stop here and a small stop there, I headed down the road that leads to our city cemetery.  

I am so thankful that I followed what my heart was leading me to do.......I pulled through the gates and as I turned the corner, and was headed toward my mom's grave, I looked up and there in front of me was a gorgeous red tree, lit up by the sun's rays.   I can tell you.....there was this joyous feeling that ran all the way through me.

It was as if all of Heaven was beaming across the cemetery.  This particular tree illuminated my soul.    I felt a sense of warmth and Peace.   It was one of those "Just Because Moments" from God.

I know that the visual scene set before me was not by accident....... God knew the range of emotions that I've been carrying around this past week.....HE knew my heart and my spirit was longing for one of my mom's big hugs........   Before she passed away, my mom would often give me one of her big ol' hugs, and her words were ALWAYS...."Everything's gonna be ok"......    Those particular words, along with the warmth of her arms being wrapped around me, made me feel as if I could conquer all things.....

There is nourishment for the soul when we feel loved!

Anyways.......I hope that somehow, my words and the expression of my morning will be a blessing to you in some kind of way.

May you see the "Just Because" messages from your day!!!

Shug ~

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Things you probably don't know.......

On Facebook......several of my friends are playing a game.

A friend gives you a number and you then, have to list

(whatever your number is) that many things that others 

might not know about you!

For those of you who do not follow me on FB, here was my


Thanks to my beautiful friend (Georgia Wright) number is 9.

1. I'm not fond of the USUAL!!.... I like the "UNIQUE"

2. I'm a Flip Flop girl....Seriously! My little piggies do NOT like to be closed in!! I even wear flip flops in the Winter months!!!

3. I LOVE to journal.....LOVE to write! (Mrs. Eva Tompkins would be proud of me)

4. I read magazines and the newspaper, from the BACK to the FRONT! (I know, I know)

5. Meat and Chicken are not for me. I'm probably one of the very few, who orders a hamburger, cut the meat! Shrimp and crab legs....I love!

6. I rarely drink anything that is Luke Warm.....I like my drinks icy cold or super hot!

7. Our bed has to be made up every soon as I get out of bed, in order for my day to start well.... unmade beds and cluttered me crazy!!

8. I'm the BEST grandmother, wife, mother and daughter in the world....Hey, just speaking the truth as I see it!!!!!!!!

9. I am a super POSITIVE person.....I don't have time for negativity in my life!!

10. I certainly hope that this one is something that EVERYONE "KNOWS" about me....

Dear me.......this list could go on and on.....after all, 

I am a very different kind of gal.

1.  I once owned my own flower shop......and loved it!   Lots of hard work!!

2.  I married my High School Sweetheart!  We started (going together) on

March 13, 1968.......Not once, did we ever break up!   Love this guy!!

3.  I am deathly scared of snakes!

4.  For five years, I was a very sick lady.   A few of these years, I can barely 

remember.    I finally found a doctor who recognized my severe hormone 

problems....    Four weeks after this doctor did surgery....   I was back to 

being the old me!!    Can't believe that the other doctors were so blind  and so 

much in denial that hormone deficiencies can be a life or death issue!

5.  I had a very difficult time in school, because...... I was way too SHY to ask 

questions or ask for HELP..... for fear of being wrong or of people looking at 


6.  I did not pursue any of my life dreams....because I never made it out of my 

shy stage until I started blogging........(January 2010)     Since then.....It's like 

I've become a brand new person!!

7.  My first cousin (Molly) was my very best friend growing up.    I rarely see

her now and we only live 10 miles apart.

8.  I vote.......but I do not like politics.

9.  I absolutely LOVE antiques!!

10.  Comfort is important to me.    I don't like to dress to be seen...I like to 

be comfortable!  It's not that I don't dress's just that ever chance I

get, I wear comfy!!

Sure hope I haven't bored any of you!!   Just thought this was a cute game!

You are blessed by the Lord moment by moment; 

for with every breath, we have an opportunity to 

praise Him, serve Him, love HIM.

Shug ~

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Is it a Tradition of the Past!!

"Those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed."
                                                                        Proverbs 11:25 NLT

The time is nearing for sending out our "Christmas Cards" to family and friends, all across the Country!    But wait!! I out of the loop?  Is this becoming a tradition of the past?

I have always enjoyed sending out Christmas Cards and I must say that I am a super happy recipient when I open the mailbox and find card after card addressed to the "Pollard Family."

I have very fond memories of  Christmas's past, when lots of Christmas Cards were mailed out.......... but not before the sender had written a personal message and a special Christmas greeting to wish my family a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Can you imagine the excitement years and years ago, when children would see a card such as this, that the family had just received from friends?    As I view this particular card, I see so much imagination built in.    What a thrill it would have been, just to dream of having that small, teeny tiny, candy cane.


Isn't this a delightful message?

I so enjoy this stage in my life, as I reminisce about the 'good ol' days' of Christmas's past.  

I believe that once again.....this "tech" world that we live in, has stolen some of our Christmas traditions that once put that extra tidbit of jingle in our Christmas Spirit.
I believe that E-cards have replaced the personalizing of our Christmas greetings to one another.

I know that the cost of postage stamps has also had an effect on the way many people choose to send out greetings.....BUT.....once again, I think of all the wonderful smiles on peoples faces, when they open the mail box to find a pile of Christmas Cards, just waiting to be opened.   

My childhood days at Christmas were wonderful, fun, and full of excitement.  This was great family time!   I can still see all of the Christmas Cards that people sent.....hanging on the walls in our living room.  This was special.......I can't even begin to tell you how many hours throughout the Christmas Season, that my siblings and I, would LOOK at those cards......over and over again!!

Just happy thoughts here, that I would love to see continue for my grandchildren!

What would be your take on the sending of Christmas Card Sending??

Happy Days!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cool Blessings....

I am more than thrilled to have this cool front resting on top of us.  I know that cooler weather does not agree with everyone, but I must say.......I love it!  

I rarely have to go shopping for a Jacket..... and I'm not a fan of Long Sleeves.   Just one of reasons that I have to plan my winter wardrobe during the Summer months.  It is very difficult to find short sleeve tops during the Winter months!!

These are my thoughts for this day........ A moment of freedom.....away from the super colossal walls of everyday living, that keep us bound, a 24 hour window of free time..... which transforms ones mind to ignite overwhelming joy.  The miracle of fellowship..... with friends who are the best.....  Surprise adventures.....which release complete euphoria within our soul.....These are just a few of the things for which we need to give God Praise.   

In the hands of God's Grace.....we can Hope.....we can Dream....we can accept God's wonderful Blessings......we can engage in a life that is filled with God's Promises.  

God's mercies are new every morning!  I am extremely thankful, because I know that I need God's mercies again and again and again......every single day of my life.

Walk in the light......the beautiful light......of our Lord and Saviour!!

Love to all.....
shug ~

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oh boy.....what an evening it has been.    This afternoon, I took my dad and my niece to the grocery store for their weekly shopping trip.  While in the store, I noticed that my dad did not seem to be himself (of course, he hasn't been himself for the past year or so.....but this was different.)   He had a Far Away look on his face, but yet......he had this expression of needing help written all across his forehead.   

I wasn't sure what was going on, so I phoned my brother to get his opinion of what I needed to do.   We both decided that I needed to go ahead and get their groceries checked out....and get him home as soon as possible.   We quickly checked out, but while standing at the counter,  I could clearly see that my dad was having some difficulty breathing.   

I called my brother back to let him know that I was going to go ahead and take my dad to the ER, just to be on the safe side.   The ER staff immediately ordered an EKG as well as blood work. The doctor quickly determined that dad would need to be admitted for further blood work and more test.

It appears that dad has either had a light heart attack OR....... he is not getting enough blood to his heart.

So now......not only does he have Alzheimer's, but he also has some issues going on with his heart. 
During the past 30 years, dad has already had 4 completely different surgeries for bypass replacements, plus a valve replacement surgery.   Can you imagine having your chest spread apart that many times?  Me either!!

Can this situation have a funny part to it?   Yes it can!!.............While I was at the hospital a few hours ago, there must have been at least 4 different nurses come in to get vitals on dad, or to get him all connected to the massive amounts of wires and gadgets.   

Not just once, but several times......both my brother and I, informed the staff that our dad is a DEFINITE Alzheimer's patient.   To our amazement, each one continued to ask dad all these questions that he had NO CLUE as to what they were talking about.    "Mr. Kidd......on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the greatest, what is your pain level?"    ..........and dad would say:  "This is my daughter's blanket!"    (He was right, about the blanket....I took it in for him because he was cold.....the answer just didn't match the question.)

The next staff member would ask dad a question, to which he would give some "off the wall"
answer.   I'm not sure if they were giving some kind of a test to my brother and I to see if we were telling the truth about dad having Alzheimer's, OR......if they just didn't realize that Alzheimer's patients have a difficult time answering the smallest of questions, like when is your birthday.

Needless to took a while to get all their questions answered!!!!!!

I sure that dad is going to be just fine, but a few extra prayers would be super nice. Thanks to each of you for being strong prayer warriors.  

Shug ~

I'm not afraid to throw stuff away.....

We are chilling in good ol' East Texas.   A powerful cold front has brought  us a windy, chilly day.

It was so very nice outside yesterday......temps reached a high of 76 and it really felt very nice outdoors.  I, myself was able to accomplish MUCH!  

I do not understand how this happens, but occasionally, there seems to be an area in our yard (just to the right of the garage) that appears to be an outdoor storage.   Somehow......things get piled up in that area and never, ever, seem to find their place.     Do any of you have a problem like this?

It drives me crazy (crazier) than normal.   I had had enough yesterday.  I spent a big part of my morning, cleaning up that area.   How is it that I can find a home for all of this stuff, but no one else can?
Beats me!!!!! 
I did some serious cleaning, and this area now......looks GREAT!

For one thing......I'm not afraid to THROW stuff away.   Oh dear.....hope Sam doesn't read this post!!!

I'm thinking that the eye sore (the one that I just cleaned up) needs to take on a new look....

Maybe something like the photo above......    OR ........

Something like this........

This is a look that would sure bring a smile to my face!!


It's gonna be a great stay inside and create in my mind......loving thoughts of my family and friends....  

It's also a great day to send out a thoughtful note to a friend, or to phone someone who may be a little lonely.  

Thank you Lord, for this wonderful day!!  

Hugs to you all.....

Shug ~

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Man Dressed in Red

I saw the "Man Dressed in Red" today.....

Isn't he handsome?   
This ol' fella that we know as "Santa" has brought Christmas to Branson.....for sure!

And all through the shops not a "Pilgrim" have we found...
 There are plenty of snowmen all around this town.

Last evening.....we saw angels!!!
If you get a chance....."The Miracle of Christmas" is a must see.   It is truly a beautiful story of the birth of Jesus.   

I was extremely impressed with the presentation!!

 Honestly speaking.....It is truly beautiful here in Branson, and I would love to stay at least another week, but I know that tomorrow morning.....I must get back to reality!

I must face the 8 hour drive home, with complete joy!

I do feel extremely blessed to have made this trip with our wonderful friends!  I already can't wait for next year!!

Let me leave you today with a splendid "Fall" picture of a tree that I saw on one of the hills in Branson....

Blessings to each of you....

shug ~

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Road Trip Again....

Hey y'all......    Sam and I are on a friends trip....   We are Branson bound with four of our best friends.

Our travels today have been more than exciting.....things we've done and the places we've seen today, has certainly brought us much laughter and lots of special memories.   

I can't wait to see what the next three days bring.   I know for sure, that we will be seeing "The Miracle of Christmas" and other than that....who knows what other things we will see or get in to!!!!!

Ill keep you posted!!!!!

This crew that I'm running with......well, lets just say......they are "CRAZY"



Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Senior Volleyball......

Volleyball......a game that I know very little about.

Last evening......The Senior Class of BHS challenged the Staff of BHS to a 
Volleyball challenge.    This event was a fundraiser and the proceeds went to the

BHS Graduating Class of 2014 to help finance their Graduation Lock-in!!!!

Yes......the guy in the blue tights and the green shorts, does belong to this family!!!!   Mr. Tyler himself....

And we all know that a game isn't a true game without a little bit of friendly yakking!!

Lauren, in the pink shirt......and Becky, in the white shorts....... are the REAL
coaches of our HS Girls Volleyball teams.

What's a team without the CHEERLEADERS??   Great job guys and girls!!!

(The one on the left in the light blue my nephew, Aaron)
Way to go Aaron...

What we have here, is a little bit of Friendly Booing towards the  "staff team!!"

A great group of kids......having fun!

By the way......the "Staff" team WON!!

Happy Day Y'all......

Shug ~

Monday, November 4, 2013

No Shave....and Honest Chatter

Good, Happy, Monday morning to you.   Looks like we might have some rain showers around here!  If God sends rain, then I'm gonna Embrace it!!   

Hmmm...I haven't played out in the rain, in a very long time.  I'm always looking for a new adventure, so today just might be filled with Lots of playing in the rain!!  

Hey......It's "No Shave" November!!!  Here's my question......Are any of the guys in your home participating in this awesome event????    In our home, we currently have 4 wonderful guys who already have whiskers on their handsome faces.  Ummm...some of them have more than the others!!!!  Isn't that right Tucker??  

What is "No Shave November?"   

Simple.  No-Shave November is a unique way to raise cancer awareness.  What better way to grow awareness than with some hair?  Show your support and give back.


Now, for a little Honest chatter.....   In my life, I choose to stay on the "Positive" path.   With this being said, I want to say that I know that there are hurting people, all around.  Real life situations have a way bringing along some real baggage.

I never take lightly, that even though I may be walking down the positive paths of life, the person next to me, or the person reading my post, may very well be walking in shoes with no soles.  They are hurting, or they may feel that they can no longer move forward for fear of the pain that the next step may bring.

It is my desire to always be aware, and to encourage others to keep moving forward...... just beyond the bend in the road, there is HOPE!

Can you imagine the devastation of having two negative personalities hanging out together....I have a strong feeling that the path would somehow, become a long, narrowing path.

Life isn't perfect for any of us...... this I know!

Blessings and Wishes for a "Positive thought" kind of day.

Shug ~

  I don't know how many of you are familiar with the famous "Sonic Fast Food Drive Thru Places?" " Sorry....I tried to up...