Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, October 3, 2013

On the Road and Loving It....

I'm taking a break from all of the household chores......I'm taking a break from taking care of my dad.....I'm taking a break from my busy world.....I'M TAKING A BREAK!!!! I'm on the road and loving it! I had about an hour yesterday afternoon to throw a weeks worth of clothes into a suitcase, head out the door and jump in the truck, before Sam drove away on a business trip. Not to worry..... I made it, purse, camera, suitcase and ALL. I'm with Sam P..........traveling down I 10.... Headed to Florida. Did any of my Louisiana, Mississippi, or Georgia friends see me wave as we passed through your states? I waved BIG time. It feels great, just to be able to sit and ride.....with my feet propped up! I've already enjoyed one McDonalds Frappe' and I must was delicious!!!! I might possibly be able to have another one, towards the end of the trip. (LOTS OF CALORIES) Who could guess this? What? That I have already lost my phone once this morning!! NOT ME!! But, oh yes I did. It was in this truck, underneath Sam's seat. I'm pretty sure that it was a hilarious sight with me turned up side down looking for the thing. The bad thing took me about a 100 miles down the road, before (Sam) found it, and this was when we stopped at the McDonalds in Semmes Alabama. Of course, had been his phone that was lost, he would have pulled over immediately and found the thing. I think he was enjoying my craziness of not having the thing attached to my hand. Hey....I felt naked without it!! Do any of you ever feel that way when you don't have your phone near by? One thing is for sure....My hips are not hurting anymore. I had myself a big workout with all the twisting and turning I was doing....looking for the thing. Ok....I must tell on myself. I did forget to pack something. It wasn't my underwear, I made sure I packed plenty of them. After all, my mom always told me (too) to always wear clean panties! I'm guessing your mom told you this as well? What I did forget was my night clothes. I know....a little too personal isn't it? Don't worry...I found one of Sam's t-shirt and it worked just fine. This is the only thing that I have missed so far. But, who knows what I might have thrown into that bag and who knows what else I may have forgotten. This is a makeup free day for me!! Yikes!! All I can hope for is that I did pick up all of that important stuff!! Well....happy trails to each of you. I have no idea where my trail will be leading me over the next five or six days. The one thing that I do know is that I'm going to ENJOY every minute.... By the way....I have seen some gorgeous Fall, yard decorations, but this vehicle is not stopping for me to snap any photos!! Lots of great ideas though.. I am one happy lady about you? Shug


Betsy Adams said...

Another thing to learn about getting healthy is to give up all of the make-up --and just enjoy yourself as you are!!!!!!

Glad you are on the road --but be careful since this weekend, there's a big storm hitting the gulf coast..... Hope you don't get in that thing!

My youngest son and wife are celebrating their anniversary (1 yr. now) in Panama City this weekend--unless the storm prevents that trip. I hope they can make it...

Hugs and Have FUN,

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Have a fabulous time. Yes,I do feel somewhat naked without my phone near me.

camp and cottage living said...

So wonderful you're getting away and enjoying your self!
I'm sure it's long over due.

Ginny said...

Shug, I am SO happy for you!!!! Just getting away from everything to take a big break and see new things and new sights!! I know you will have plenty to show us! And I bet Sam is not so upset that you forget your night clothes!

Barb said...

Hi Shug!

Have a fun trip!! Nothing like getting away with your beloved...and nothing like forgetting your night clothes - it always happens to me too!!

Have fun and be safe!


Gail Dixon (LaBelle) said...

Thanks for the wave Shug! Y'all be safe on the road and enjoy yourself. I lose my phone all the time and have my husband call it so I can hear where the ringing is coming from.

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