Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fun Pair of Shoes.....

Do you have any "FUN" pairs of shoes in your closet? Maybe a pair that is out of this world gorgeous or a pair that speaks loud and clear about the kind of outgoing person you might be? about a pair of funky shoes? You know, the kind that makes people think you are "One crazy woman" when you wear them out in public? If I can be honest, I must say that I own a pair that describes all three of the above pairs of shoes!! I don't always wear them, but at least I know that they're siting in my closet in case I want to. First of all, it's no secret that I love shoes!! I really do. I could walk into Dillard's this very day and easily walk out with a dozen or so bags full of beautiful shoes. Would this be smart on my part? Of course not....unless, I found a super great sale!!!!! But....I could also walk out of Goodwill toting a pair or two and I'd be just as happy. To find that special pair of shoes that truly describes your completely different. It's when you un-expectedly find a pair that is strongly calling your name and you know they just have to be yours. When it comes to a pair like this, I don't ever have to worry about my size being in stock. Not enough people have the personality to wear them, and therefore.....the sizes are plentiful. What does a fun pair of shoes do for me? Let me just tell you how important they are to my day. A fun pair of shoes can radiate so much happiness for me.....for which I am able to let overflow into my day by bringing happy smiles to all those that I see. It's great to be able to walk around with a smile on your face... The way I see it is......I get a fun pair of shoes.....I get to be happy....and I get to share my happiness with many folks along the way. When I say that I get a fun pair of shoes, I want you to know that it doesn't matter if they cost 50 cents or if they cost $2.00, and if I purchase them at a garage sale or at the dollar store. It's not about's about being a person that can strut fun shoes!! I want to make one thing clear...having a fun pair of shoes is NOT about "Look at me, look what I have".....NO, it's all about having fun in life and being able to share it with others. Do any of you want to borrow my FUN shoes? I will gladly share or even give them to you! Check out your closet today and discover for yourself what kind of shoes you have. Does your selection in shoes best describe you as a combat shoe kind of person OR.....much like me.....A CLOWN shoe kind of gal. Hugs Y'all Shug


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

:( :(, Alas I do not own a fun pair of shoes. My feet decided long ago that I needed to wear proper,comfortable shoes with good support. All that does not add up to fun,BUT,I get my dose of fun in other areas,like jewellery and purses.

Ginny said...

I have worn a lot of cool shoes in my life. And whenever you look down and happen to see your feet, you get a HAPPY feeling!! A twinge of joy. Unfortunately I now have lymphodema and cannot wear really any shoes due to my bad swelling. This makes me sad, as beautiful shoes are in a way a memory of youth and fun. So now I concentrate on purses. I hope when your computer is fixed, you will do a shoe blog and how us some of your coolest!!! We could see which pair is everyone's favorite!

Anonymous said...

I agree with ginny, I hope you show us your collection, you crazy fun lovin shoe lovin woman!!!!Have the best weekend with what ever shoes you pick!

Barb said...

Hi Shug!

I've never been a shoe girl! I love being barefoot - and so with that in mind, I will tell you that my favorite shoes, are called, Barefoots, my Merrill. I love them, and I have at least 3 different pair - black, black and purple, and red. Of course I have my Sunday best heels, but they are very traditional, no flashy colors at church! Although I do have a sister who loves shoes, and has so many fun colors and styles...I always envy her just a little... ;0)


Kimmie said...

Heartpoet has a thing for fun shoes - for the very same reasons you state! :D


Lea said...

Well, I can't believe you didn't show us the shoes. Girl, we want to see! I love shoes, but I do not want my feet to be the first things folks see when I walk in a room, so perhaps my shoes would be referred to as more conservative.

Happy weekend!

Michelle said...

Shug, you must show us the shoes! lol

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