Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Acting our Age......for the day!

I often wonder if Trista and Shanda have any idea just how Blessed they are to have such
CRAZY parents?!

These two girls of ours never know what to expect from us.   One day we may be 25 and the next ......we may act more like we are 70 years old.

I'll tell you is fun!  Fun to be able to enjoy your life with the one you Love.

Guess you could say that some days we are diamonds......other times, we are stone age! Yesterday.......was one of those days that we were more like 80.   Our daughter #3 and son #3  (Pastor Mark....and Calecia) where over,  visiting the BEST parents in the world.......ME and Sam!!

Calecia was telling us about this App on our phones that would allow us to keep up with the calories that we eat each day (My Fitness Pal)

Oh geez.....Sam and I were so excited!  Finally, we both would be able to keep up with the calories burned off from exercising.....and the calories that we intake each day. 

 UNTIL....we started acting our age  (for that day)......which was about 80.

I say, we were excited until, I couldn't remember my Apple password.

I knew I had it written down, so I have to pull out my 20 journal books and start flipping pages, trying to find those sweet little letters that were going to let me download this App.

Before I know it, Sam has logged into my google account, thinking that he was getting into his own google account, and lo and behold.....HE HAS NOW CHANGED MY PASSWORD ON MY ACCOUNT.

At this point, I can't get into my Apple account or my Google account.  To make matters worse, Sam couldn't remember the password that he had used to replace the old password on my account.      HAVE I CONFUSED EVERYONE????

Calecia and Mark are now......cracking up, because not only could we NOT remember the passwords.....but we now had a big, huge, mess mixed up.  At this point, our kids #3 should have taken our phones and computers and put them in the trash!

Thankfully, Calecia took Sam's phone away from him and started all over again.  With a little time and patience, she finally got it all back in place and new passwords were set up for both of us.

See.......this definitely was an 80 year old day.  Today, we are back down to being the good ol' age of 79.     Tomorrow......who knows??   25 sounds good to me!!

Hugs Y'all

Shug ~


Betsy Adams said...

HA HA ---what a cute post... It's no telling about you two since you are like us... Sometimes we act our age and sometimes we hike down 600 steps ---not realize that we'd have to hike back up!!!!! ha ha

Glad your friends got you two straightened out. Hope you enjoy the new app... Lots of people use it.

My son put some words from an 80's song on FB... I made some comment about it--and he laughed at me, knowing full well that I had no idea it was a song... I told him to put some Bing Crosby words on there for his OLD Mom....


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Too funny.I must admit,been there,done that.

Ginny said...

You and Sam look in your 40's in that picture! It is not really old would be perfect if we could choose just the password we wanted for everything, and it starts out that way. But then along the line, stuff happens and we have to change them again and again!!!

Terra said...

I think you are on to something here, some days we seem 30, some days 80, but never mind. It is all good. I hope our kids agree :)

Michelle said...

Bless your hearts!

Grandma Bonnie said...

Oh my Dear just replace your names with myself and my husband and my children would believe this to have happened to us.
I sure do know how you feel. My husband got in to my email account for my blog and thought he was in his email. He was complaining about all this spam he thought some one shared his email. He deleted everything and then realized it was my account. He went back to take the mail out of the trash and some how deleted it permanently. I was in tears for a few day. I hope you get back to 25 years soon. I like the days we feel so young.

camp and cottage living said...

Oh my goodness, I can't begin to tell you of the nightmares I have with anything technical!
I admire you for even have an I-phone. I bet you even text, don't you?

Melinda said...

Mr. Ken and I hardly ever act
our age! What's the fun of that!


Gail Dixon (La.Belle) said...

I love myfitnesspal! Glad you got the mixup straightened out. There's nothing more frustrating than getting locked out of your accounts!

Pam said...

Cute post and funny, and I'm glad it's all OK for you now. Sounds like to me you're a fun family!!!

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