Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Being Ten

Happy Birthday to our youngest grandson.....Trey Booth.   Trey is 10 years old TODAY and he is such a huge Blessing in our lives...

I snapped a picture of him as he was jumping into the pool........

Hey Trey......Hope your day is filled with lots of happiness and fun!


Today, began just like any other normal day, but......I have since, crammed about 90 seconds into EACH normal 60 second minute.  I'm not really sure where the day has gone.

Birthday gift shopping was on the top of my list.....BECAUSE, I am somehow....days behind!
Trey mentioned yesterday afternoon that his Birthday was today, and I am almost positive that I had a blank stare on my face at that moment.   You know, I'm not even sure that I have looked at the Calendar ANY this month.   I was thinking that we were about to approach the 8th day of May.

Thank goodness.....I managed to pick out just the things he wanted....

Trey loves little match box cars and Lego's.....found the perfect Lego set for him and he was thrilled with the cars I picked out.   Since he loves swimming, we got him some goggles and a water gun to boot!!

Loved seeing the smile on his precious face!



Ginny said...

This is a great picture you snapped, and I know you gave him a wonderful birthday! Is there really sparkle on your sidewalk?? LOVE!!!

Kimmie said...

What a handsome young man!

Gail Dixon (La.Belle) said...

Hey, Trey and I share the same birthday! Happy birthday! Sounds like he had a great day. Wish I had...

Betsy Adams said...

Happy Birthday to Trey... He is truly a typical boy---just like the 3 I raised!!!! My boys loved legos/match boxes/swimming, etc. also. Such great memories I have! And YES---time is flying!!!! Gads.


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Yes....My Grandkids Rock