Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, May 20, 2013

40 plus years of experience

I have 40, almost 41 years of experience!!  There are a lot of Pros that do not have as much as experience as me.   I'm talking about KITCHEN experience.

                              (Just threw this picture in because it is bright and cheery)

Let me give you a sneak peek into ONE of our three freezers, and a couple of my cabinets....

I never said my freezer was organized, so lets skip over that part.

Fresh peas, Fresh peaches...and yes.....a little ice cream.

Chicken, Fish Sticks, etc, etc, etc.....

The other freezers are full of deer meat and other kinds of meats that we have purchased.
And of course....veggies

I have all kinds of spices.....sugars and seasonings....

Plenty of foods in the pantry.....

I have almost anything and everything that I would need to cook with.....Even have another shelf that is strictly items used for baking desserts.  Mixes, chocolate chips, icings, cake flour, flavorings, syrup, etc, etc, etc.... is the issue.

I'm not very good at planning out my meals!!

Seems so simple, but this is not an area that I excel in.   How do each of you plan your  menus for the week?  Do you follow a schedule (like burgers on Monday's, Spaghetti on Tuesday's and so on and so on)???

Do you wait until noon, like I do a lot of times, before planning the evening meal?

We are busy people.....but, there still should be an impressive meal planning technique.

I'd love to know how you all plan out your meals!!!!

Shug ~


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Sorry, I don't plan out mine either. I am like you, I have the pantry, freezer and fridge stocked to the brim with anything you could dream up that you would want to cook, so I just play it by ear. Whatever sounds good that day is what I do, totally spur of the moment and nothing planned at all. Hugs, Marty

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Living alone like I do,I generally do not have any meal plans. Going out is a good choice for me,but I know it is not the best for me.

Lea Culp said...

I certainly do not plan mine out by the week. But, I do decide first thing in the morning and have it thawing if it is frozen. And, I keep a stash of ready meals in my freezer. I do a lot of bulk cooking at times and it's always fun to not have to worry with thinking the days that I use my stash.

And, I'm afraid that we eat out 3-4 times a week. Shame on us, but it is what it is.

Happy week!

Betsy Adams said...

Do you ever wonder how old some of your spices are? I have some that I know are VERY VERY old.. How long do those things last?????? ha ha

We have NO sugar in the house--none... BUT--we do have ice cream.. ha ha

We make our grocery list weekly and pretty much follow it most days.. We get groceries on Wednesdays (Senior discount) ---so we make our list on Tuesday.. Works for us.


Cheryl @ TFD said...

My freezers and cupboard are pretty well stocked, so the only planning I really do is deciding on which meat to take out of the freezer and thaw. Yep, we're meat eaters. Then I plan the rest of the meal according to the type of meat I'm cooking. Yesterday, we grilled pork steaks. We had salads from McDonalds this evening as I was gone for a big part of the day and didn't want to cook. Hubby takes his lunch, so our biggest meal is in the evening.

Ginny said...

I LOVE your lemon picture! When we lived in an apartment, we had a big food pantry and I miss it. Now I have to sore everything here and there. Here is what I used to do and it worked for me. Sit down and look through your recipes and choose seven for the week. Then write your grocery list and go shopping. Keep the seven recipes in a place you can grab one each day.

Gail Dixon (La.Belle) said...

Whatever Lean Cuisine looks good that day is what we have. Sorry, that wasn't helpful. When I did cook, I rarely planned meals for the week. Just whatever we felt like eating that day is what I prepared.

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