Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, October 8, 2012

To All My Canadian Friends...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my
wonderful Canadian friends!

sure wish I could be there to taste 
all of the delicious foods that were served
today!!  yum, yum!

Thanksgiving here in the US is not until
Thursday, November 22nd.  I don't think
I can wait.....I am so hungry for Turkey and Dressing....

So, can you guess what I'm cooking this Wednesday?  That is exactly right....Homemade Dressing!!!

I'm not going all out with all the side dishes, but one thing for sure is that there will be dressing, cranberry sauce and some sweet potatoes on my table.....

As you all know, I haven't really been into cooking this past year, but check this out....
Look what I made yesterday!

Two ...  Coconut pies!

I couldn't help myself....I kept reading about all the great foods that my friends from way up North were going to be serving today!

Made me Hungry!

Hope you all have enjoyed a beautiful day....

We have much to be thankful for!



Gert said...

Oh, those pies look sooo yummy! I was laughing when I read that you were hungry for Thanksgiving dinner..Wednesday, we (our group) will be getting a Thanksgiving meal! We go to a small cafe for it each year! Wish you were here, but am sure you'll enjoy your dressing!


Kimmie said...

Those pies sure do look delish! Happy Thanksgiving my friend!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks for the kind wishes. I am so stuffed,but those pies sure look mighty good. I would have traded one of those for my apple pie any day. I LOVE coconut pie.

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