Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Fashion

Have you noticed all of the gorgeous Fall fashions in the stores these days?  I certainly have, and I think the sweaters are calling my name......I LOVE SWEATERS.....I LOVE JACKETS!

Only problem body does not seem to love them!  My brain does...but the body doesn't.  Must be the warm natured side of me.

Another issue is that you need to have one of those Skinny types of body frames, in order for sweaters and jackets to really look good.

Guess What ?  I don't have a skinny body.

The question is.....Why on earth would I be so attracted to something that would not be very becoming on me ?

I do own several sweaters and jackets.....(poor choice on my part to purchase such things)   Year after year, they hang in my closet, just hoping that I would have shed a few pounds before the cooler weather came.

Not likely!

Honest speaking....I am guilty!  Guilty of making purchases for such items....just because I really like it, knowing full well that I will not be able to wear it.  

This year, I'm promising myself that I won't buy anything that I can't wear at the time.  I'm not even going to allow myself the excuse of....."I promise I will fit into it next year."

If it doesn't fit....then it's back on the shelf!  If it's gonna be way too hot....then it's back on the shelf!  After all, these kind of extra things, take up a lot of space in my closet.

I suppose I could learn to love Bikinis......One good thing about a bikini is that I would be able to stay cool.....another is that they would not take up too much space in my closet!!

I think I once read:  "Bikini's....Skinny Body Required."

Oh Well....

Shug ~



Love the pic of the pug!! We had one just like this one, he died 2 years ago at 13 and I still miss him! Happy Football season..have fun!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, you are so funny! I'm thinking that there are likely some styles of sweaters and certainly some jackets that would look just fine on you. Give it a whirl!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I love jackets, but sweaters are usually too hot for me, too. Jackets not so much. That is my standard outfit in fall and winter...jeans or slacks and a jacket over a shell or tank top. (Try wearing something sleeveless under the jacket, that helps) I think jackets are flattering to most people if the length is just right. Around the house in cooler weather, it's sweatpants/shirts!

Have a good week!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

I love fall and winter clothing! Cannot wait to be able to wear my cold/cool weather wardrobe again. I don't care if I'm plump or not, I just feel so snug and comfortable in those clothes!

Pam said...

The pug looks very fashionable! You're right with the clothing issue! I'm more into jackets than sweaters until it gets down around 20 degrees and below here, then it's sweaters or whatever keeps me warm! Hugs to you, Shug!

Grandma Bonnie said...

I do love sweaters also. I just get to hot in them. Even the light ones.

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