Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beast of Perfectionism

Well....I'm back at it!  I find myself trying to be in control of other people's actions and motivations.

Definition of Motivation....

  1. The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.
  2. The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

Do I....Do I.... honestly believe that I have any control, in the lives of someone other than myself?  I find myself desperately trying to run the show!   The only thing that gets run down is my worry button!  It is getting worn down, REAL FAST....and nobody even knows or cares, except ME!

I have  a beast of perfectionism living within me.  Are any of us perfect?  NO...and certainly not me.  So, why oh why do I always find myself getting "wired" when I cannot change a situation....

How can someone have 1/2 traits?  I think I do!  Half of me prefers perfectionism and the other half, just rolls with the flow!!

I don't want to be the person that always thinks my way is BETTER!  My way may be best for me, but who's to say that  my way will work for someone else.... 

I suppose that the best thing I could do for myself and for others, is just to give us all a beautiful gift....a SMILE and move on!

Why worry....Be happy!  

"I will forget my complaint, I will change my expression, and smile."
                                        Job 9:27  NIV

Happy Day.....
Shug ~


  1. Shut,
    You aren't alone in this perfectionism craving.
    Lots of us are addicts lol.

    Your words were so beautiful though,for they explained how I have feltso many times.

    Andiwantyou to know that I am going to claim that scripture as a tool in my spiritual toolbox. There are many such tools that I can lay hands on in time of need, but this is one that I had forgotten to putinthattoolbox.


    In Him,

  2. Hi Shug, I have had that problem all through the years --especially when I was working full-time. BUT--I had to learn that if I gave a 'job' (volunteer) to someone else, that I'd HAVE to back off, let them do it (even though I may have done it differently), and appreciate the job that they did....

    We are not perfect ---but sometimes, we think we are.. OR --at least we seem to have to have that control...

    My good friend has a large family and several grandchildren. She has the 'need' to continually be the Matriarch ---and be in charge or in control of EVERYONE... She needs to let that go, enjoy her retirement --and let her adult children live their own lives.....

    Good Luck.. It's not easy.

  3. I think we all have that "beast" to some degree!

  4. I really do love that quote from Job. I need to memorize that one! I gave up long ago trying to control and insisting only my way works. It's futile. Sounds like you've figured that out and are moving on. I am thinking of you and the "thing" you asked us to be in prayer for. Hope you have a great week

  5. One of my greatest challenges- It's a control thing for me, and sometimes very hard to live with.

  6. The 'P' word. I don't think I ever even tried for that! I had a sister who did tho and she drove herself and everyone else nuts! :D
    Hey, is that picture from the Rio Frio River South of San Antone?

  7. Hi Shug!

    Oh my goodness, we all have some of that perfectionism in us, especially if we are mothers, and want our children to just listen to us, and not have to learn from their own mistakes . . . anyway, that's my perspective . . . ;0)

    I know that you, like myself, only have the best of intentions! Smiling is the very best thing to do, and you do have a beautiful smile!!

    Hang in there sweet friend!!


  8. Wonderful post! I wish sometimes I was a perfectionist :)
    Thanks always for visiting me!

  9. Oh, Shug, I could have written this exact post. My goodness, you would think we would learn wouldn't you? Guess we never get to old to learn life's lessons.

    Let's "let go and let God" and He truly can control the situations.


  10. I loved your post! And I love the tree in the header - so big and stately. sandie


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