Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, February 10, 2012

Physical Maintenance

This is "First Monday"
shopping partner....and let me tell you, she is a hoot when it comes to shopping bargains...
I dare not take her to "Dog Alley."  

At Dog Alley, there are all kinds of animals for sell....puppies, kittens, goats, chickens, roosters, geese, donkeys, sheep, birds...and possibly snakes...

Tori loves animals and she would definitely come home broke with a visit to this area of FM.

do you see those sunshades? They were her very first purchase that day...We no longer have them!  Why?
Because she lost them that same day!!  We may not have made it home with the sunshades, but we made it home with that lemonade cup that she wanted to collect...and we still have it!!

I know that I talk a whole lot, about First Monday, at least once a month...
(because this is when it all happens)...Just once a month.

But....I love it!! And...who doesn't like to talk about things that they love? 
Unless you have been there or have actually seen it, then you can not possibly imagine how huge this event is....

Here are just a few pictures that I took this past weekend...

Gorgeous houses that any bird would love to call "Home."

This one is like a "Bird Mansion."
And the price was kind of like mansion prices....$175.00
Sure is a lot to pay for a bird house.

Just thought these were cute and colorful...

a great item that grabs the attention of the little ones!

I thought this was interesting....
of course, if I were buying it, I would want all the caps to be soft drink coke, mountain dew, sunkist, dr.pepper....etc.
Oh BTW...this is a table with a lazy susan...

This booth was eye catching...All the pretty lanterns that were hanging, caught the attention of lots of people...I will have to say that this booth IS adorable.  They sell unique items and lots of t-shirts.

Ooooooo..  This is a booth that really draws me in...I really like this one! You can always find some Out of this World home decorations..

Who wouldn't want Mylee's seat?
All she has to do is ride around, Boss me, Eat, Drink and play on her IPad.  She even has the comforts of home wrapped all around her...

Spring is in the air at this booth.  I really did like that green bench. Didn't buy it, but I am sure that I could have found a perfect home for it....

One of the best things is the "Physical Maintenance"  that I get {each month}....ha! I have to go to First Monday in order to give my body the physical maintenance that it deserves....

Do you see that Franciscan "Desert Rose?"  I would love to have bought them all....but I probably would have not had a happy hubby if I had brought home another set of dishes.....

You can find a little bit of everything!!

So...pack your bags..make plans to come shop next "First Monday Weekend."  I'd love to see ya!



Katharine said...

Every time you post about first Monday I wish I could go! It looks amazing and right up my alley. I would happily get my "Physical Maintenence" there every's the walk to your place that would do me in! lol
Have a Fabulous Friday. (Still working on your tech stuff!)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

When I lived in Texas, I never made it to First Monday... Wish I had have gone there though... I'm sure you can get lots of great buys... Miss Tori is learning to be a 'shopper' like her Grandmother....

Mylee has the best ride of all... I might enjoy all of that exercise if I could RIDE.... ha ha


Nezzy said...

First Monday looks like a hit girl. Keep it comin', we'll never tire of it 'cause we looooove it!!!

Miss Tori looks to be the perfect shoppin' partner. Love her top!

I get weak in the knees 'round birdhouses. Geek Son always get me a monster house of some sort each Mother's day. I have them tucked here there and yonder 'round my acre of yard.

God bless ya my sweet friend and have a fantabulous weekend!!!

Kimmie said...

Oh my goodness I would LOVE to go shopping with you there!

Looks amazing!

Debbie said...

I wish I could! That's just one more thing to miss about Texas, but I'd have to drive a long way to get there! :D

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