Monday, December 26, 2011

What a Gift!!!

The Miraculous day that we call Christmas, may have come and gone for the year of 2011, but Praise the Lord, God's gift is continuous for all of us.....

(this was a re-enactment of the manger scene....It was one of the things that the kids did at our family Christmas....I was so proud of them....Tyler and Tucker made the stable....Mylee was the baby Jesus...Tori was Mary and Carson was Joseph....Trey was a wise man) This was beautiful, because they did it themselves...What a message from the kids!!)

Unfortunately,  this gift is sometimes placed upon a shelf with no regards of it's value and it is not even thought of again until the Easter season or perhaps the Christmas season of the following year....

Meaning......that some people are aware of the birth of Jesus Christ, but as soon as the tree and Christmas decorations are packed away, so is their acknowledgement of Christ.....

Our desire should be to love this gift, day in and day understand that it is the very breath of life! 

We need to live our lives, first and foremost in the presence of the Lord....We need to set forth in our hearts, to daily walk with seek His will for our lives and to give God glory and praise for His abundant Love for us......

Spiritual blessings fall freely upon those that honor our heavenly father.....There is no magical formula, there is no price that we can pay.....We just need to rest in the deep assurance that when we choose to make God the center of our lives.....we can and we will be able to enjoy His loving peace as it envelopes all around us.....

What a gift!!!  I have determined in my heart to share this gift with everyone that I come in contact with....

Blessings, sweet friends......


  1. This re-enactment is wonderful! It was a gift for you, and now for us. Your kids all have been raised with a Godly view, since this was their idea!!! You should be very proud!

  2. Oh my goodness - I love the manger scene the kids made up - how awesome it that. I hope we all remember it all year long. sandie

  3. oh my gosh, my children did that years ago, it was a tradition!! It made me tear up to see your photo, we use to have a cake with a candle as well, Happy Birthday Jesus!
    Beautiful post!!!

  4. How wonderful to re-enact the (true) story in your very own home. God is love and abounds there with you and yours. May He continue to bless you with His mighty love. Crystal Mary

  5. That manger scene is fantastic. Somehow when real people re-enact this it seems so much more true. Have a blessed day.

  6. What a great manger scene, good for them!!


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