Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Let Me Quiz You...

Good Morning Friends....

Today I have a quick quiz that I think you might find interesting....and, this is a fun game to play with your family and friends at Christmas....

These are things that we, as Christians know, but when it comes to being a TIMED game, it can get a wee bit crazy!

Hope you enjoy!!   This is simply a matching game..... 

You have 2 minutes!!!      Ready?  Get set......GO!  

___  Third gift presented by Magi                  
___  Announced His birth to the shepards     
___  Another name for the three Kings          
___  Jesus' mother                                          
___  Visual representation of the birth           
         of Jesus                                                      
___  An angel appeared to Joseph in
        a dream
___  Human father of Jesus
___  Visitors saw the star from
___  He is the reason for the season
___  Mary with child through the
___  Precious metal given as a gift to Jesus
___  Where Holy Family fled to, after Jesus birth
___  This means "God is with us"
___  "O Come All Ye________"
___  "______on Earth"
___  This has a pleasant scent when burned
___  Town/City Jesus was born in
___  Jesus found lying in this
___  King at the time Jesus was born

A.      East
B.      Immanuel
C.     Holy Spirit
D.     Manger
E.     Egypt
F.     Jesus 
G.    Herod
H.    Nativity
I.     Peace
J.     Dream
K.    Mary
L.    Gold
M.    Faithful
N.    Angel
O.    David
P.    Myrrh
Q.    Joseph
R.    Magi
S.     Incense

Have a magicalhappyfunfilledjoyful Day...........


  1. I haven't had my coffee yet...so to avoid answers like "Oh come all ye...manger?" I'll be back after my caffine :)

  2. This was a fun one! I think I got them all right too! I agree, this would be a good ice breaker at a party or community group!

    Hope you enjoy your day!


  3. I've done this one before--but it's been awhile... Think it will take me longer than 2 minutes this morning... Haven't had enough coffee yet... ha ha

    I'll check it out later --when I am more awake.

  4. Laughing at the first comment. I didn't know what they wanted for live representation of Jesus's birth. I was thinking some grand theological concept instead of logically. Ha.

  5. This looks like a fun game to play with the family.
    Hope you're having a wonderful day. It's a busy one here and it's gonna get busier! I have to take some short breaks, tho, and hop on the computer and see what everyone in blogland is up to! :D

  6. hhaaaa...tickled at KATHARINE'S comment...and I have to come back, too. Wrapping gifts today. :))
    Merriest Christmas...

  7. Hey, this is GREAT!!! Thank you, Shug!! I am printing this out for us to play on Christmas day!!

  8. Hope you have a magicalhappyfunfilledjoyful evening, too Shug! blessings ~ tanna


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