Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Always Fun Around Here!!

First things first.....let me show you some more pictures of "Fall around Town."

Flower Beds can really be beautiful....this time of year!!

Please pay close attention to the above picture.......Mylee Jo wanted to take a picture.....I think her little cookie smeared finger must have touched the camera lens.....


Well....Happy Saturday!

Today......I have laughed at myself!!  It is so rewarding when you can laugh at yourself and not be mad...

Sam and I had several things to do in town this morning, so we got up (a little late) and headed toward the big city of Tyler....At lunch time, we decided to eat at one of the new Mexican restaurants. 

Neither of us were very crazy about the food......but we did eat it!  Then it was off to finish our shopping.....We stopped in at Dillard's to pick up some new dress slacks for Sam and while we were there, we noticed that we had this strong odor wreaking from our clothes...

It was the food!!!  The odor was coming from the foods at the restaurant!!

I told Sam....."we can not finish our shopping smelling like this"......So, we bought him a (cheap) shirt that was on sale, and then I went up stairs to find me something to wear.....

While I was shopping, he decided to walk down the Mall to the GNC store....I shopped, found the perfect shirt...(On Sale)  The sales lady cut off the tags  .........I changed my shirt and headed down (through the MALL) to find him.....

We left the Mall.....went to Sam's .....bought some household items.....and came back out to the car.....As Sam was loading the car, my eye caught something that was moving underneath my arm.........OH YES.....THE BIGGEST RECTANGLE TAG THAT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!!

How could I have missed it?  How did the sales lady miss it?  How did Sam miss it?

And, can you believe that Not one single person said anything to me??

I laughed....We laughed.....

What Fun!!



Debbie said...

Stop! Thief!

That's so funny and is definitely the kind of thing that would happen to me.

I know what you mean about clothes picking up the smell of food. At our revival service the other night, someone smelled like French Fries.
It made my stomach start to growl.

Karin said...

That's funny! Glad you survived and it wasn't your skirt tucked in your underwear! Very pretty pictures of the beauty around your town!

Country Dreaming said...

Oh goodness--too funny.
I hate smelling like the restaurant
I have just left and buying something to wear so you don't have to smell it, was way too funny cause I would have done that too.

have a great Sunday!


SweetMarie said...

What a silly time you had! I love moments like that! That seems to happen a lot when I'm with my gf's and we just laugh until we're about to cry. Thanks for sharing this with us. I

Ginny said...

What a strangely funny day!! Gosh, I hope that food didn't make you sick, it sounds pervasive!!! But I would have loved to go to Dillard's with you!!

Dar said...

I hate that bad restaurant food smell all over me too. I carry Fabric Fabreeze in the truck...ya never know when it will come in handy. LOL. So me too, to buy new clothes and leave the store with them on the 'leftover' tag.
Now, about Dillards, we do not have even one of their stores in WI. and they have a pair of boots I would LOVE to have...good ol' online shopping....without the benefit of ' try on before buying.'
Thanks for stopping

Debbie said... was probably hidden. I woulda told you. I always tell women if their tags are hanging out or their hair is sticking up. I would appreciate anyone doing the same for me! I miss Dillards!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Shug, I can't tell you how many times I have come back from eating Mexican or Chinese and later notice it while sitting at my desk at work, with no change of clothes. I hate when the restaurant food smell attaches to me like an entity. LOL

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