Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Old Log....

Odd isn't it.....for someone to take a picture of an old piece of wood?

Who would consider an old log or piece of a tree limb to be a thing of


I ran across this scene in a place called "Pickles Gap" Arkansas, and the

very moment that my eyes fell upon it, I knew without a doubt that

I needed a picture to capture all of it's beauty.

I love it when I come across the simple things that make me aware of

God's awesome creations....

There is a story in the life of this old piece of wood just like their is a story

in our own life...

Was it once a thriving tree limb whose beauty could be seen all around?

I can see it's twisting and turning as the newness of life

re-positions it, as the new leaves burst forth during the months of Spring....

I can imagine it with colors of crimson beauty during this season that we call Fall.

I see this old piece of a tree as a part of God's creation....

I feel that there is indeed a connection between one's ability to

see and enjoy beauty, through his or her own nearness to God....

Sweet Blessings....

shug ~


  1. Enjoy your day...the wooden piece?

    Looks just like the one my husband stuck in the truck from the lake and drove it home to put in the man's rotten log is another's front yard decoration!

  2. Beautiful! Sounds like this is a great road trip! Have a great day!

  3. What a great pic.

    It is fun to get unusal pics like these.


  4. Was this on someone's property? It looks like it was maybe purposely arranged that way.

  5. I've been to Pickles Gap, Arkansas. We used to have a time share at Fairfield Bay (near Clinton, Arkansas)...

    Yes---there is beauty in everything. All we have to do is to look.

  6. love that you're seeing beauty in the ordinary...enjoy!

  7. Yes,each piece of wood has a story.Thanks for pointing this out so well.

  8. Wonder how old that wood is - bet it can tell a story. sandie


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