Saturday, September 17, 2011

My little helper

Wow..... I really could have used a few more hours of sleep this morning....Oh, how fast this week has passed by.. Could it be that I was Busy taking care of being busy?

Sam and I are heading West this morning..... I am so excited, because we are heading up to Dallas to see our precious angel...ZOEY KATE.


I am using my IPad this morning and I think, it is smarter than me. Funny isn't it, how we get so used to our normal routines, normal ways of doing things and then when we do have to do something a little different, it throws us off..... Like something has invaded us and all we can think about is how to get back on track.....

Well....Mylee Jo and I dug out the boxes of fall decorations yesterday....Let me tell you, she was a big help!!!......I was busy re-arranging some things in our family room and you know how sometimes you have to take a step back, sit down and look at what you have done in order to put the final touches on what you have just done.

I sat down, looked around, and little helper had really been putting her touches on the room......There were pumpkins everywhere.....Well, they were more like Jack-o-lanterns and they were glowing brightly....Not only had she set them out, she plugged them in!!! And one might ask, what was Shug doing all this time?

Well, evidently, I was not paying close enough attention to her. Not to fear though, we sat down and had a long about the dangers of plugging things in....

She was so happy about (Her) pumpkins, and now there is NO WAY I could take them down..... So, it's early Halloween around our place....I'll post some pictures this next week of Mylee Jo's talents...

Y'all have a great weekend...

Shug. ....


  1. I think it's great you've give Mylee Jo full reign of the decorating and look forward to seeing the fruits of her labor.

    Safe trip. Hug that little angel when you see her.

  2. Have a great trip! So cute about the little helper! Enjoy!

  3. How fun. I love it when the little ones help out, they are so precious and love to see the lights. Have a safe and fun trip. Hugs, Marty

  4. I can't wait to see how she did!! Please give us an update on Zoey and tell us what the doctors are saying, I am continuing to pray for her. At least they have diagnosed her, now on to helping her! I just got an iPad last week.

  5. That's cheating! We don't all have helpers like that:D
    Guess I'd better see who has some kids I can borrow to help me do some decoratin. Hope you trip is pleasant and you get all kinds of good news.


  6. Having those extra hands to help can often bring unexpected results,but the rewards are so worth it.

  7. What a sweet little helper you have! Can't wait to see the results!


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