Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Calling All Bakers....

Calling all "Bakers!"   I need help!


Sugar Cookies to be exact...

As crazy as it might sound, I want to learn to make Good Ol' THICK Sugar Cookies.

You know.....the big, beautiful, sugar cookies like they sell at some of those
speciality shops.

Aren't these just the cutest cookies ever?

You see....I don't want to learn to make them to SELL ....and I'm not looking to enter them at the State Fair.

NO......I just want a good recipe to make them for my grandkids! 

These are just the kinds of things that I like to do for the kids...

Something special to look forward to when they come in from school....

Do any of you have a recipe that you wouldn't mind sharing?

I don't want to be in competion with anyone, and I'm not looking to

bake cookies for a living, I just want a good recipe...

SO....what I need is an awesome Sugar Cookie Recipe and a recipe for the
icing that has a good smooth look!!

Is there anyone out there that can help me?

Is there anyone that would be kind enough to share their recipe with me?




  1. Not sure if you want a sugar cookie recipe or a teacake recipe...I have a really good sugar cookie recipe and a really good teacake recipe. I'm going to watch your comments and see if anyone posts recipes and let you know how mine compare to theirs.

  2. Thanks Glenda....

    I will take both recipes if you don't can just send them to my email address...
    I do love sugar cookies, but I hear you make great Tea cakes as well...

  3. Sorry I am not a baker. I LOVE the owls!!! It is hard to find a tasty recipe for thick sugar cookies! The think fancy ones they sell like the ones you show are often hard as cement and tasteless. So I hope you find a soft buttery one, I know you will, our blogger followers seem to know about all things!

  4. It would be nice if the retired Mrs Bearden would use some of those receipes. I love the thin and crisp tea cakes. Cindy Davis makes the thick ones and people love them.

  5. Shhhh, don't tell but I adore Betty Crocker's sugar cookies mix. Everyone thinks their from scratch 'round me. I do make a homemade icin'...kinda like a thinner buttercream.

    God bless and I can't wait to see what ya'll come up with!!! :o)

  6. Well, sweetie girl, when you get this recipe, will you shoot it on to me. I would love to make cuties, too, but I could never, EVER make little cute owls like that. :))
    If we can get the icing right, they will be much easier to decorate.
    That sugar cookie mix is awfully good..most people would never know the difference..and you can make them as thick or as thin as you like. The secret is in the icing, I think...:)

  7. ....and what a good grandmother you are! :)

  8. Hi Shug, I make my cookies thicker simply by not rolling out the dough too thin. You are the bestest grandmother for making these, because I don't like to make them. They are so time-consuming. Good luck with your recipe!

  9. Oh, Shug, I LOVE these cookies and the idea of making them for the grandchildren. I hope if you find out a good way to make them you would pass it along. I read on someone's blog the other day that there is a mix for sugar cookies that is better than homemade. It was that one that starts with a K, like Krustez or something. Might try a test run with those if you don't get another one. Keep us posted!! blessings ~ tanna


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