Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, June 10, 2011

My 5 Things Friday....

I have something "NEW" going on here at my place on Friday's......

It will go something like this...

"My five things I am thankful for this week."

Each Friday, I will post 5 things that I am very thankful for that has

happened during the week....This will keep me in line and keep my

mind focused on God's goodness.....I hope you all will enjoy!!

1.  I am thankful that God protected Sam and Tyler from a
     very big brush fire this week....The two of them were super
    exhausted and Tyler's shirt burned up while he was trying to put
    the fire out, but God placed a hedge of protection around them...

2.  I am certainly thankful for cool air!  OMG...I just don't do well
     with Hot temps....The upper 90's need to go away!  COOL AIR...
      "I think I love you."

3.  I am thankful that my beautiful daughter turned 34 this past
     Monday...she is such a blessing to us and I am so very proud of
     our Shanda Kay!!  Woo hoo......Happy Birthday to you!

4.  I am thankful that my flowers are finally blooming and that        
      "Bella" is finally keeping her distance from them...Can't wait
     for the beds to be fully covered in bright colors....

5.  I am so thankful that my "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch" loves me
      with all his heart...He works hard for me, provides for me, takes
     care of me, protects me and never complains!   I am Blessed to
     have him in my life... He is my BEST friend.....

Makes me kinda sad to stop with 5.  When you really start to think about your life, there are so many things to be thankful for!!

I think I'm gonna like these Friday Post......

Sweet Blessings my friends....

Shug ~


Katharine said...

Beautiful List! Really changes things when we stop to be thankful doesn't it? Thanks for posting, I'll look forward to your Fridays!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Shug, well except for No. 1 (and thank God they are okay!) and a tweak to No. 2 (my daughter was 39 last month), I could just say Ditto! I love my A/C because I hate high temps and humidity, my flowers are blooming and doing well, and hubby sounds a lot like yours...he's the best! Aren't we blessed? Have a good weekend!

Ginny said...

A really uplifting post, Shug!!! Did you take that picture of the pink flower? It's amazing! The colors are just georgous! Today, I am thankful for your blog!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thankfulness is a choice.I find that even during my saddest times,when the tears are flowing,I have so much to be thankful for.

Anonymous said...

I would say that is a wonderful happy list and lots to be happy for,, beautiful, perfect

Eagle Altitude said...

G'day Shug, Happy Friday ツ to you! I love your idea to post five thankful's that related to the week. Your off to a great start! GOD BLESS!

Country Dreaming said...

Such blessings!
Glad Sam and Tyler are ok--scary!!!

Happy weekend to you!


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