Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, May 6, 2011

# One, One......

#11....  Lets go One, One....

This is a number that has been hanging around the baseball fields for a long time....and it hangs around here a whole lot too!

This particular jersey belongs to our oldest grandson...."Tyler"

How many 15 year olds still love to sit in their Shug's lap?

Last night we were at the baseball complex, watching Tucker play ball....I was sitting there enjoying the game and the next thing I know , I have this big guy sitting in my lap, giving me a big ol' hug...

He wanted to make sure he got his share of hugs for the day!

Is this wonderful or what?

Count your Blessings One by One!

As I listened to the Lord this morning, I was reminded of all my simple Blessings...Having a wonderful grandson that still loves to sit in my lap is truly a Blessing...(Being able to hold him is another Blessing)

Happy will always find you, if you open your heart!

Sweet Blessings on this Beautiful Friday!

Shug ~

BTW...(By the way)  # One, One is a big follower of my blog, so what a perfect opportunity to let him know...HE IS LOVED!


Anonymous said...

I love the name Tucker!What a nice post,,,

Ginny said...

Oh, he is very special, inded! And I love the playing ball pictures you got, they are classic poses!! You must be SO proud of him!!!! These days with so much going on, it is a real blessing that grandkids are on the straight and narrow, but you have triple blessings with him!

Country Dreaming said...

Gotta get those hugs when you can.
How fun for you both!

Happy Mother's Day!


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