Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Word That Packs a lot of Meaning!

Sacrifice....this is a word that packs a lot of meaning!

There are all kinds of sacrifices to be made in this world...Parents make sacrifices each day for their children...this is a sacrifice of Love!

Service men make a sacrifice by risking their lives for us each day and there are many that have died for our FREEDOM! 

Others sacrifice their happiness for those they love!  They surrender something that is dear to them in order to make someone else happy!

Of course, the person making the sacrifice is the only one who knows the true measure of what they are giving up...  I would liken this to the poor widow that gave what she had as an offering to God...To some her gift was considered as a meager gift.  There was no thought given to the fact that this was all she had....BUT.......
Jesus knew!  HE knew the depth of her sacrifice...

Yes, I would say this word {Sacrifice Packs a lot of meaning}

  I do know that giving up those things that hinder us from drawing close to God should be part of our daily existance.  It is so important for me to take a spiritual inventory of my life on a daily basis. By doing so, I am able to recognize the things in my life that are keeping me from being the servant that God desires me to be.

I need to make sure that my life is in congruence with the will of God.  I want to know what it is that Jesus is calling me to do and what sacrifices I need to make in order to serve HIM completely...

Jesus made an ultimate sacrifice to save us from eternal death and from being separated from God forever when HE suffered and died on the cross....

The psalmist says that the sacrifice that God wants is a broken spirit.  A broken and repentant heart...This is the sacrifice that God loves....    Psalm 51:17

Shug Sez......

{Please be in Prayer with me today for two small children in our community. Both of their parents died in a tragic house fire yesterday.  These children need our prayers!}


Debbie said...

We've come a long way from that. We often confuse the little we give with the much we get. You got me thinking, so I went to see the definition of 'sacrifice' and the results were so weak and watered down, it's no wonder people don't understand the strength of the idea of sacrifice. Most described the act of performing an animal sacrifice, but that doesn't get at the root of the reason for the act. The closest I found was: the act of giving up, destroying, permitting injury to, or forgoing something valued for the sake of something having a more pressing claim. The word is from God. The idea of Sacrifice can only truly be rightly measured in light of what Jesus did for us on the cross; foregoing something valued (His position in Heaven)for something having a more pressing claim.(atonement for our sins) The term is used lightly in our culture today. Thanks for planting that seed of thought in our minds, especially close to Easter!

Jill said...

Sacrifice is a beautiful word to contemplate today...may it sink in to the heart of all Gods people.
Thank you for joining me on the journey to the Foot of the Cross!
God Bless you,

Ginny said...

Amen to this, Shug! So very sad about the fire. I hope the children have caring and loving relatives who can take care of them.

Nezzy said...

What a wonderful post sweetie! I have to tell you how much it touched my heart today!

Sacrifice...what a beautiful word. Thank You!

God bless an enjoy your day! :o)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

God gave up so much for us,surely I could give up a little for Him.

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