Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, March 13, 2011

God, The Healer Of Brokenness

Good Morning friends! 

There is an old story that I am almost positive you all are familiar with...It's the Story of Two Pots.

One was perfect in every way.  The other had cracks and broken places.  Each day a woman filled the pots with rainwater she had collected and then carried them down the path to her home.

The first pot felt proud that she never spilled a single drop.  The other felt ashamed because no matter how hard she tried, she lost a lot along the way.

One day the two pots overheard the woman talking with someone who lived nearby.  The neighbor exclaimed, "The flowers along your path are so beautiful!  What's your secret?"  The woman answered, "One of my pots is broken, and the water that spills out helps the flowers grow every day."

A Path of Beauty

BROKEN! .......Does God really want a vessel that is Broken?

So Often, we feel that we must be perfect in order to be used of God...
God..... HE takes the broken and makes something lovely from it. 

The second felt as though it was useless.....Who wants a broken pot?  Thank goodness, God can change brokenness and use it for HIS GLORY!

Shug Sez.......

Food for Thought!!

God....took what was PERFECT.... HIS son, and made Him broken in order to bring us healing!!!!


Kimmie said...

Never tire of hearing this story, love it!

Debbie said...

I like that story!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

WOW<broken is not what anyone wants to be.I am so thankful that God uses broken pots,because I am one of those.Maybe my tears will be the water needed by someone to grow into a beautiful being.Perhaps me?
Thanks,I am enriched by this post and your friendship.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Shug, I always enjoy re-reading that story. Thanks for sharing it..

marshas said...

Great story - we can all be used!!

Ginny said...

Lovely pictures, Shug. Does that broken pot belong to you? You are so right about brokenness. I think almost every man of God in the bible had something wrong with him!!! Except for the perfect, blameless, so perfect in every way as the perfect sacfifice.

gbearden125 said...

Love this post!

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