Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Language of Friendship

Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them....Francesco Guicciardini

I was visiting with someone this past week who I have known for many, many years....We were discussing the difficulties in life and how when certain trials come our way, everyone wants to be your BEST friend.  ................ Is their motive based upon the fact that they really care about you, or is this person a {friend} that is mostly concerned with the details of what is happening????

Our conversation was mostly based upon the realities in life....

As we were leaving, she made a comment that went something like this...{ We all interact with numerous people on a daily basis and our relationship with each of these people varies greatly.  Take you and I for example.....We have known each other for a very long time, but I would not say that we are {FRIENDS}...we are more like acquaintances.  If time allows the next time we see each other, we may visit or we may not.  We may just wave at one another or just say HI...and that will be it} {On the other hand, if we were FRIENDS, we would see or call one another on a regular basis...We would spend time with one another and we would always have something to talk about} ..... 

While we do only see each other a couple times a year, I still consider her my friend.  She is a super sweet person and I always enjoy visiting with her.  We are Friends!

 ~   I don't know.. somehow, the word acquaintance just doesn't sound very personal to me.   I do have acquaintances in life, but these people fit into a  completely different category from my friends! ... Is there some kind of word that fits between Friend and Acquaintance?     BFF'S......BF'S.......FRIENDS.......??????????.......ACQUAINTANCES.

I never see or hear from most of the people that I graduated High School with, but I  believe that after 12 years of being connected to one another day end and day out, this qualifies us as friends.

And then, what about FACEBOOK?  I have over 600 people listed as friends and Sam has more like a 1000 people......does FB have it wrong?  Should there be a place that allows you to invite acquaintances to join you for conversation rather than friends?

It is true....We all have BFF's...we may even have BF's.... But for me...I also have FRIENDS!    I have friends far away, I have memories of friends, I have a husband that is my BEST-EST friend and two daughters that are my BEST friends, I have forever friends, and I have wonderful Blogging friends.

So....if you just want to consider yourself as an acquaintance of mine, then you better make sure you let me know.....Otherwise, you are my FRIEND!

Shug Sez....

I am so Blessed to call you my friend!


Leslie said...

your post made me think of my friend ann, who moved away many years ago, yet one phone call brings her as close as if we still lived in the same town...

Jill said...

I love your heart Shug...that makes us friends:)
I have many friends and love each of them, though some I don't see often. We should be a friend to the whole world... and lift up others.

God bless you!

Ginny said...

I, also, think the word aquaintance is very stand-offish, almost like an aquaintance is someone we know but don't really want to know. This is a very thought provoking post. I think that one thing is not how much time we spend with someone, but how well we know each other. Even though we may not see them a lot or are separated at times, a friend is someone who we really know and they know us. They know our heart, our likes and dislikes, and could pick out a gift for us that they know we would love. On the other hand, an aquaintance is one who we have met and know a bit about, but not deeply.

Nezzy said...

Friends are the very treasures of life!

Loved this post girl!

CSN stores are online! That's what's great...everyone can use 'em so your good to go in the giveaway! :o)

God bless and have a beautiful day 'friend'! :o)

Farmchick said...

Great post! Friends hold our hands through life!!

marshas said...

Friend Indeed!! I am blessed to have GREAT friends!!

MrsScott said...

Haha! So I guess we are blogging friends? Although I have been a bad out of touch friend here lately! Aquaintance to me doesn't sound like a very nice relationship. Like someone you know but don't want to be friends with? I don't just sounds negative. Hope you are having a good week!

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