Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Fork In The Road........

Do you ever find yourself stumbling upon a "Fork In The Road?"

It is up to us to decipher which path to take.....but do we have to do this alone?  Here we are, right smack dab in the middle of NO WHERE.  It is up to us to choose the road we need to take and to overcome the fear of not making the right choice. 

Both paths bring a lot of appeal, but we know we must only choose one.  Our fear comes from not being able to see what lies further down the path.  Will there be drawbacks and consequences that we are not prepared for?  Are we setting ourselves up for some kind of failure?  Is there some kind of boogie bear lurking down one of the paths and is this bear waiting to chew us up and spit us out?

One Path is usually paved and it is always full of fellow travelers.  By looking at this path, we are led to believe that it will be easy to follow.  It's what we might consider to be the easy road.  You know, like well....I have been there, done that and it hasn't killed me yet.  It's not a path of happiness for us, but it's better than having to face the unknown.

It may not have killed you, but is this path the best for you and for me?  Are we simple looking at a easy way out, or do we want to do better, be better and have a life full of JOY?

The other path is a lot less traveled, mainly because it sometimes leads us down a winding path that is unpopular or unfamiliar.
This fork is usually unpaved and is filled with many potholes.

What we imagine in our minds is that this path is going to be very long and very difficult.  It might also seem to be a lonely place and none of us enjoy being lonely.  But who could ever imagine the happiness and the beauty of life that might be waiting at the end of this less traveled road.

What we really need to do is to sit a spell....we need to explore our fears and our expectations of each road.  We need to seek God's direction for our lives and trust Him to walk beside us every step of the way. is true that we may encounter many forks along the path of life.  The goodness of it all is that we will never walk alone!

Shug Sez.....

Do not be afraid to take a path that could ultimately lead to your greatest joy in life.......


Jill said...

Hi Shug,
Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit:)
I really like this post. When I am standing at a crossroads, i try to always remember to look for the narrow way. God's plan for us is Holiness and the path less traveled is ALWAYS the right choice. Like I tell me kids, do the hard thing.
Love and Blessings to you!

Country Dreaming said...

I am really not a fan of life's potholes!
They sometimes can be really big and hard to get out of.
But we do and go on.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Mary Margaret Scott said...

Love this post. Beautiful writing and a great message! :)

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