Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Christmas Wish List

If you need a good dose of Christmas Spirit this year, then take a moment to think about helping someone who has a need....You will be Blessed!

Christmas has a way of bringing out the good in people....It seems as if we are more aware of needs during the Christmas season.

I was thinking the other day about my Christmas Wish List..
If I where a selfish person, then my list would be something like this......

1.    Remodel my kitchen
2.    New wood floors
3.    Nice Laptop
4.    Kindle
5.    Shutters for Master Bedroom Windows
6.    Travel Trailer
7.    Spa treatments
8.    New Flat Screen TV
9.    Alaska Cruise
10.  New Mule for the Farm
11.   New Truck
12.  New Counter Tops
13.  Diamond Jewelry
14.  Florida Trip
15.  X Box 360 kinnect

You see, this list could go on and on.....All I would be thinking about was "What I wanted."

Praise God that I am beyond having to have material things in order for my heart to be filled with Joy....

It doesn't take much these days to find people with needs..There are needs all around us...People that you could not possibly imagine have needs.....There are many who have loss their jobs and are just trying to figure out how to put the next meal on the table...They are living one day at a time and Christmas is not even here....They can't possibly worry about something that is a couple of weeks away!!!

If you have no idea about where to start giving, then I might would invite you to visit the oncology department of any hospital....There are PEOPLE AND CHILDREN who have tremendous needs.  ....Reach out and offer them something that can be a Blessing to them....

Make a wish is a wonderful organization to give to.....You can not possibly know the good that comes from "The Make A Wish Foundation."  They truly go above and beyond  to see that a child's Wish comes true...

As I said earlier, we have needs right here in our own little town....The best thing that we can do is to Pray and ask God to lead us to those who are struggling and could use a little help......

I would much rather have my Christmas Wish List look like this.....I wish...

1.     No child goes without Christmas
2.    Every child feels loved.
3.    Joy and Peace is spread
4.    Those who feel desperate will be able to experience       Peace.
5.     Hope for those in despair
6.    People will know the Grace of Jesus Christ
7.    Spread God's Love
8.   Everyone would Praise God for His Goodness
9.    Loved Ones would be Saved
10.   Peace On Earth
11.   There would be no Childhood Cancer
12.   Jesus Christ would be Glorified
13.  Hospitals would be empty
14.  There would be no hunger
15.  Church's everywhere would be filled and running over.

This list could definitely go on and on.....

I know this is a long post, and I hope that you are hear reading the ending.  I pray that Joy and Peace will be yours and that your family will be Blessed beyond all measure....

Shug Sez.....

Give....Give every chance you get...Let us all share the Love of Jesus this Christmas Season

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  1. Great post! Rings true for someone that lost a child (or grandchild) during the holiday season. Life is precious, things can be replaced.


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