Friday, December 10, 2010

Catch The Spirit

Good Friday Morning, My Sweet Friends!

A first glimpse of this picture might believe one to think that I just baked a batch of "Snickerdoodle" cookies.....Nothing could be further from the truth...

Have you ever purchased a perishable food item and somehow it becomes forgotten?  When you do discover the item, you usually want to dispose of it as soon as possible, before anyone else discovers the mistake...

This happened to me yesterday.....I looked in the cabinet and found the rolls that I had originally purchased for leftover Turkey sandwiches.....I immediately removed them from the cabinet and took them right outside to the trash....

This morning, Sam asked, "What happened to the Croissants?"
I knew I had been caught.....I walked outside and opened the lid to the trash can...There they were!  In the same spot that I put them in yesterday....I brought them back in the house and informed Sam that the Croissants HAD CAUGHT THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT.......In other words...They done turned GREEN!

Seems my creative way of explaining the croissants to Sam made him laugh and I no longer had to fear the talk!!!

The croissants really are covered in shades of Green, which is a Christmas color......So I am going to believe that they did "CATCH THE SPIRIT"

We all have the opportunity to "Catch the True Spirit of Christmas"

All we need to do is to have Christlike compassion for people and to have the mindset of celebrating what is most important, that being "The Birth Of Jesus Christ."

If we have these two things in our hearts, then the rest will come with ease. 

 Singing Carols, having Heartwarming Love for family and friends, Reaching out to the needy, Being Joyful, Enjoying the beauty of the season, Enjoying the laughter of children, Making gingerbread cookies with kids, Giving gifts.....  these are just extras that we get to have when we celebrate with the

"True Spirit of Christmas."

I wish you much happiness today and I pray that your heart will be joyful!

Shug Sez......

Catch The Spirit....Feel The Love!

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