Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Twinkle a Little!

We can't all be shining examples, but we can at least twinkle a little!

I take my gift of being a grandmother very seriously...This is truly one of my favorite Blessings!

Today, I have been doing grandmother duties which is much more important than other things on my to do list....I am late posting today, but my constant love and support was needed today from some of my favorite people....

I like to consider myself as a somewhat "Whimsical Grandmother" know like imaginative, slightly odd, humorous, fantastic, and super colorful....

but on the other hand, my heart if filled with a deep committed love for helping my grandchildren become the best that they can be....
Praying for them, living my life as an example for them to see and to be proud of...Teaching them about compassion and kindness, but most of all about Serving God and having love in their hearts for other people...
I like to think of myself as "A mom with Extra Frosting."  I want to be a grandmother that my grandchildren
will never outgrow the need to have!
This is certainly not what I had planned to write about today, but on the way home from Sunnyvale, Tyler ask me if he was spoiled....I said to him:  "You are not spoiled, you are LOVED!"
Sure hope I twinkled a little today!!
Shug Sez....

Touch your grandchild's life with the Love of the Lord!


Nezzy said...

A mom with extra frosting....I love it!!!

Yep, you'll find me right in the middle of whatever the grandkiddos are up to!!!

God bless us rockin' grandmas!!! :o)

gbearden125 said...

I'm thinking if your freshman grandson will even act like he knows you something has "attached" you to him....maybe breakfast each morning? Like Nezzy says, I love the mom with extra frosting.

Mary Margaret Scott said...

You are a wonderful grandmother and your grandchildren are so blessed to have you!! I would like to think my mother would have been a grandmother much like you! :)

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Yes....My Grandkids Rock