Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Trip

I'm BACK.......

It is True....We are back, We are Home!   I now realize just how much I needed this trip.  Isn't it amazing how a few days away can refresh your soul? 

We are Blessed to have such great friends in our lives....They truly are the BEST..

This is how the trip started...
Mylee was so upset because she wanted to go with ME!

As I was finishing my packing, she brought her little "Pink"
pillow into my room and placed it right there beside my pillow...
Oh my....MY heart was broken.  She just wanted to go stay at the {Tell}...This is What she calls the Hotel.

Here we are...Leaving out Wednesday Evening around 6:00
{Marsha Kay, Susie, Joyce, Newman, Vicki, Joe the driver, Sam,
and ME,...Shug the Tour Guide}

Did I mention that six of us are Classmates that graduated from High School together? 

Check out our Friend Bobby Joe.....and check out the sign in the background....."Joe's Pizza."  Do you think this picture was planned?
BJ drives for a Travel Group and on this trip, He was our Driver!!  Let me give a High Five to him.....FIVE

The early stop at McDonald's......We all know just how much
Sam loves his Frappe's......He savors every bit of it, and BJ was trying to steal some of the topping!

This was our first real stop!  A junk place....
I am pretty sure we spent at least an hour or so of our morning
right here at this place....And yes, purchases were made!!

And then, it was time for Lunch....Let me show you just how much
we loved this place!!!!!

It was an easy Thumbs DOWN from these TEXAS folks....
OK,  there were six different orders and all six of them were messed up.  And, to make matters order came out at least fifteen minutes before the other orders....

Needless to say, this place did not rate very high on the chart.....


Our adventures for the day were great.  We visited a few more JUNK stores and about ten other restrooms (seems our bladders were on different time schedules), but we finally made it to our destination around 4:00 that afternoon....

The Beautiful "Chateau On The Lake"

....More to come on this story tomorrow!!

Shug Sez.....

The rest of this story is a comedy....stay tuned!


gbearden125 said...

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but the bladder situation just gets worse with age! Glad you all had a good time. Happy Thanksgiving.

TDT said...

Mom, I love the pics. I just have one question. What is Vicki doing in the thumbs down pic???? She is in the background on the porch. LOL! I am so glad ya'll had a great time and I am really happy you have such great friends. love, TDT

marshas said...

What a GREAT time - Have missed getting to read everyday, but got caught up today and can't wait for tomorrow - take it easy and don't tell everything!!

Country Dreaming said...

Looking forward to tomorrow's installment.


Mary Margaret Scott said...

Sounds like a great trip!!! That picture of Mylee Jo breaks my heart, too!

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