Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Picture This or Picture That

Picture This, and Picture That.

What am I talking about??
Am I thinking too deep again? I will be the first to admit that sometimes I do spend a lot of time thinking about certain topics and usually the thoughts that I come up with are way out there  ~~~  But this time, I think I'm right.

Can any of you connect the words Picture and being judgemental.....Do these words have anything in common.  In my opinion they do.  We judge other people by what we see. The lack of experience in a particular struggle causes us to see a different picture from those that may have some kind of difficulty in their lives....

It is way too easy for us to form immediate Opinions. ...A great deal of the time our judging of others is actually Mis-Judgements or unjust judging. 

Usually this is because we do not have ANY knowledge about their personal lives or the events that have led them to end up where they are at the time. 

Some families have unusual situations that are simply the results of life...

Some people, Some families wear lot bigger shoes than what others might think.  As a matter of fact, some shoes are so big that it would be insane for anyone to even try them on. In other words, it's best if other individuals just kept their feet in there on shoes!

When looking through the lens of a camera, the picture may seem to be blurred or out of focus to us.  The very first thing we try to do is zoom in to prove that we can get a better shot! Same way with the shoe...We try to prove that we can wear that shoe better than those that have it.....

This is exactly the way it is in life..Those that like to judge usually believe that they are in control and can do a better job at solving Whatever .....

Every thing is not always as it appears to be...But, I can tell you this... God places certain situations in each of our lives.  Some of them may be more difficult than those of our neighbors.  God,...He has a reason and we are not to question those reasons..... and those that like to judge SHOULD not be questioning God's reasons either!!

Shug Sez....

Each of us can be sure that if God sends us on stony paths, He will provide strong shoes!!


Katharine said...

Good thoughts!
Have a great day!

bj said...

Well, there is certainly no doubts in my mind that HE has provided strong shoes for me!! Without them...without HIM...I could never, ever make it one more day.

Thanks, Shug, for this great post..even tho we KNOW HE is taking care of things, it is good for us to have a little reminder..
hugs, bj

Mom on the go said...

You are so right to say those words. I once had an experience with someone, I knew, who was being judged in some of their darkest hours. The saddest part is that it was by others who claimed to be doing it as their duty as "friends". This precious family came home one day to find a very hateful and judgemental letter written by a "friend" on their door. I was extremely sad when I read the words that were on this letter. If we are truly friends and want to show the love of God, then isn't the best way to do so to speak words of encouragment and lift your hurting friend up in prayer rather than leave a cowardly letter on their door. I am so proud to say that my precious freind who received the letter forgives the person that passed judgment their family and has been brought out of their darkest hour!!! Their son is cancer free!! Praise the Lord!!!

gbearden125 said...

I fear that a lot of our judging is done by people influenced by other people. We need to form our own opinions and not immediately think someone is always completely telling the truth in the course of a conversation. I have always heard believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear! If God had not wanted us to be different and have our own opions he would not have made us like He did, and I no God didn't make mistakes, just sinners like me & you.....he that is without sin cast the first stone. You told it well!

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