Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, September 6, 2010

Puppets on a String

Be still, and know that I am God.  I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.   Psalm 46:10

God says stillness is good for us.  It is how we come to know Him and gain our strength from Him. 

I have never taken YOGA and have never really learned to be still for any length of time.  I am constantly doing something.  I picture myself like a puppet on a string. 

But, it is always ME  pulling on all the strings. 
I am pulling on these strings from the time I get up in the mornings until I finally tuck myself into bed at night.

We are no different than any other family....We have movie nights around here.  We choose a movie, I get the popcorn and Sam is in charge of making sure all the gadgets on the TV are working. 

 Whoop E...Movie night!!  I can tell the movie is going to be great because I have already been watching it for ten minutes.  Then, the obvious thing happens.  I have something on my mind and I get up to go focus my thoughts in a different direction.

This repeatedly happens.  I think of something I forgot to do that day, or I run to the computer to send an important email to one of my friends.  You know, things like....."Don't forget our next meeting" or "I'm so excited about our trip."   These things are important too, but they are not so important that the message could not wait until the next day...

And, If I do sit for any length of time to watch a movie, I am busy doing something with my hands. I am either making a blanket, writing or reading a magazine at the same time.....

Still?  What is being Still?  Being still is to rest your body, rest your mind, and to quietly listen for what God might be trying to tell you. 

This past week, I have had this nudging feeling like I have forgotten something or like I am not fully at Peace with something in my life.  Does anyone else ever get feelings like these?  I was telling Sam about it and his response was....what did you forget, what is on your mind. 

I'm thinking, well....if I knew, I would either do whatever it was that I forgot to do, or I would take care of whatever is causing me not to have complete Peace.  Men....You gotta love em'

Perhaps, if I would slow down and allow God to speak to my heart, I could find myself soaking up some tranquility, calmness, rest and serenity.  Wow that sounds good doesn't it? 


Facial Time:
I think it's time to be still and let my MASK dry!!

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