Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mind Over Matter

It has been a beautiful yet cool brisk day and the sun in finally setting.  There is a bright glow far in the distance that seems to be pleading to be kept alive, but yet the deep darkness of the evening is pulling it further and further down until it will soon be lost forever.

Darkness has taken over and there is no brightness left in the sky....only the sight of a few flickering stars desperately daring to be seen.  It's an unsettling feeling that is not always welcomed.  It is the end of a day that is never to be seen again.

By the Grace of God, there will be a tomorrow, but the moments of time that have passed can only be a memory in one's mind.  Our minds!......  Life truly is all about Mind over Matter....An Optimist would say "Oh, this has been a truly Blessed day.  I am happy to have experienced such a wonderful gift from God."  A pessimist on the other hand would see nothing but a day of misery with no opportunities for a brighter future. 

I am definitely an optimist and I am always asking God to blanket me with happy thoughts, but I am also human.  At times I feel myself fighting a battle that really does not belong to me......

I wake up with a heavy coat of loneliness and a desire to be loved way beyond what is necessary.  I find myself feeling a sense of frustration because my mind is so overwhelmed with all of the things that I want to accomplish and yet I know that I am only able to do so much...

There are 12 hours in each day in which we never see the sun.  Once the sunset is gone, we can only imagine that the brightness of the sun is shining upon someone in a far away country....However, it is possible that the sun is hidden from their faces by clouds of rain and it's shining beauty may not be seen by anyone until we experience a new day and a new sunrise....

Even an optimist has clouds from time to time that hover over them and shields them from the bright glow of happiness...This can be devastating for one who normally sees the glass half full, if not FULL at all times.  I have found that what is needed is TIME.  Time to relax and time to pamper yourself. Time to allow your body, spirit and mind to be recharged.  You must also recognize that there are times when space is needed to separate you from negative situations or negative people.

I am thankful that I have God to go to and that I can ask Him to renew my spirit.  I can ask Him to hide me from the shadow of darkness that might be trying to linger over me....I can expect a new dawn and I can expect the brightness of the day to fill me again.

It is my constant desire to be a positive thinker.  I want to walk with an upbeat attitude and be contagious to those around me...

I want to encourage others to see life in a way that can only bring them happiness and the persuasion of Hope in everything they do. 

Thank You Jesus, for being my protector.  Help me today to understand that you are right there at the forefront of my mind and my heart.  When it gets to foggy for me to see and my battlefield becomes too difficult,  help me to give it all to you...Help me to realize that this battle belongs to you and Victory is mine....Amen

Shug Sez......

Keep your eyes focused....Strength comes from the Lord!!

1 comment:

bj said...

Dearest, sweet Shug, I adore how you encourage us all to give God our worries. Nearly all of us have worries and things we don't know how to handle and you are always there to encourage us...HE wants us to give HIM EVERYthing...worries, joys, fear, strength, weakness...HE accepts them all and it makes us feel so much better when we know HE is right with us. Thank you for this reminder...
Thank you, Shug, for your kind heart and sweet spirit....and your caring.
xo bj

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