Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, September 13, 2010

Brighter Side of Life

Rise and Shine!  Hoping it's going to be a bright day because I need to get many things accomplished. 

Speaking of bright, today I am going shopping for a couple of lamps that will give us a little more light in our bedroom.

I love to read in bed, however, the lighting that we have now is just not very effective.  It makes me Sooooo.. Sleepy!

The lamps that I have on the night stands at the present time are beautiful and they were exactly what I was looking for when I found them.  But....that is all that I can say for them....The lighting is shameful, especially to use as any kind of a reading light. 

Don't you just love choices?  Well, the way I see it is that I have two choices here.  I can leave these lamps in the bedroom and continue to be happy with the way my bedroom looks now, or I can purchase new lamps that will give us plenty of light to be able to read.   If I keep what I already have, then that means our reading better be done before night night time.

I want a lamp that gives off plenty of light, but I also want the bedroom to have an appealing look as well.  decisions, decisions....what to do.  Advise anyone??  But wait, NO FLASHLIGHT ADVISE PLEASE........ It might be uncool and a little uncomfortable to try to read while holding a flashlight. 

 I have considered a Kindle, but I think I need to do a little more research before I decide to make that purchase.

Seems that staring at the screen before bed could leave you lying awake.  That's because direct exposure to such abnormal light inhibits the body's secretion of melatonin.  Light emitting devices tell the brain to stay alert.  (This is all according to what I have read thus far in my research.)  Who knows though.  Some researchers say one thing one day and something else the next day.  What is the real truth?

I know that there are many people that like to read in bed, so if any of you do have any suggestions, simply send them my way.....In the mean time, I'm not going to stress about it.  This is one of those simple things in life!


Keep on the brighter side of life....


Katharine said...

Good luck with the search! Blessings on your Monday...BTW..nice picture tags ;)

Country Dreaming said...

You could look for something in the same line
but maybe a wider shade or just change out the shades you have.


link within

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