Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Child Speaks

A full of full of love!

Have you ever had tears swell up in your eyes because you have truly seen the heart of your child or grandchild?

The other day, I took Trey and Tori shopping for a few school clothes.  The three of us were just chatting away and then there was this moment of silence.  Suddenly, Tori had something she wanted to say....

She said, "Sugar, will you please just give me money this year for Christmas and for my Birthday?"
(She has a late December Birthday)
I ask her if there was something she was saving her money to buy, and she so innocently said, "Well, I want to take all my money and give it to the nursing home that is back behind our house." 

I could feel the tears swelling up in my eyes...I told her that she was so sweet to have thoughts of doing this.  She said, Well, I want to because they need it more than me.....
My tears were even heavier. 

I was so very proud of her!  A child speaks what is in their hearts....
What a Blessing it is to have a granddaughter that loves people the way she does.  She is so full of life and her heart is so big....

Thank you God for the Love that is in Tori's heart!


Wouldn't it be GREAT if we all had the loving hearts that children have?

1 comment:

Mary Margaret Scott said...

I love sweet Tori! What an angel. :)

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Yes....My Grandkids Rock

Yes....My Grandkids Rock