Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Whispers of God

"Change of attitude brings Healing"

Attitude, how can attitude bring healing to Tucker?  "Really God, what are you trying to tell me here"

At that moment, I had to take a mental glimpse back over the past couple of weeks.  I had a complete visualisation of what my attitude had been, and I knew that God was dealing with me.  As Tucker's family and as his support group, we all needed to have the best attitude we could have. 

Sure, the doctors were doing all that they could do to take care of his medical needs, but we needed to do our part in giving him emotional support.  We needed to assure him that his cancer was just a part of an unfoldment in his life, BUT it was not a life sentence.

The whispers from God were telling me that "Change of attitude Brings Healing" meant that
I  (we) needed to keep a positive attitude so Tucker could draw strength from us.  In other words, Tucker's spirit needed healing as much as his body needed healing.

Every single day we needed to show him that there was something good hidden in each challenge that he faced.  We needed to paint a mental picture of the things that had already been great in his life and of the greatness to come. 

I knew exactly what God was showing me, but I still had concerns over what was to come.  How could I keep a mellow out look each day, when my grandson was so very sick.  His frail little body was in pain and chemo was not his friend. 

I was like......God I don't know if I can keep a positive upbeat attitude.  I can not do this on my own.

To be continued........


Listen to God today.....He just may be speaking to you!
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Good to be a Queen said...

We all can use a change of attitude sometimes, I need one more than most, This was an awesome post and I'll be waiting for more...
Praying for healing for Tucker

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