Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, July 16, 2010

What Should I do?

I know that many of you are my FB friends, but for those of you that only follow me on my Blog, I must tell you what happened to me yesterday. 

Guess this is your lucky day....You get to hear two different stories from me today!

First of all, yesterday morning I woke up and went outside to water some of my plants.  I could tell that not any of my family and friends took the time to notice that my plants were very thirsty while we were gone.....

I have this beautiful metal plant in my front flower bed and then I have some hibiscus plants all around this piece of art.  I was out watering the hibiscus and had probably walked by this area a couple of times.  The last time I walked by, I noticed this huge snake wrapped around the metal stand......7:30 in the morning and I am outside SCREAMING!! 

I know that I have introduced you to my CRAZY neighbor Bill, many times...(You know he is the one that chased the skunks down the highway).   OK....he is outside, but his mower is running and he can not hear me screaming...I walk across the street and excitedly tell him that he has to come help me kill that snake. 

He gets his hoe, and heads over to help me.......He has the hoe, and he is trying to get the best aim he can to kill the snake...Now, you have to understand that the snake was orange, so he says to me that it kinda looks like a coral snake...I am over on the drive, about to panic.  Then Bill notices that the thing is a RUBBER SNAKE....He picks the thing up on the end of his hoe and shows me that it is a rubber snake...(I don't care, if it is rubber or not...I do not want the thing near me)

Across the street he goes....He rings the door bell to his own house, knowing that Dorothy (his wife) will come to the door.  SCARES her to death....  Here I am, standing there (pants unzipped) and with wet hair, trying to calm her down.  What a sight on our busy street!!

I immediately call one of my son-in-laws and he really did not know anything about it....I knew that Bill did not do it, because he would never have toted the hoe across the street if he had.....SO, that only left one single person....My other son-in-law TY...

Yep, he did it!  I'm not sure what I am going to do yet, but believe me there will be a payback coming to him.....and the good thing is I have others to help me!


Country Dreaming said...

Oh, honey---What a sight indeed! I'm sorry I wasn't there to this going on.
Can't wait to hear what you do to Ty!

Come by my blog -- there is something there for YOU!
Would love to see you.


Country Dreaming said...

Answering your email..

link within

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