Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Perfect HOME!

Look what I have found.....the perfect home for Sam and I to retire to!

I found this while we were on our trip this past weekend, and I love it!  Reminds me of the quaint little house that belonged to my great-grandmother.

Just take a close look.....Six simple windows....A door in the front and a door in the back...A tin roof....and we could probably give it a good paint job with just a couple buckets of paint...

The front yard is small, so surely we could run the mower through it a couple of times and be done with the yard work....

I figure that his recliner will fit perfectly in front of one window, and mine will fit perfectly in front of the other window...

A couple of twin beds, a couple of lamps, a POT, an electric skillet, a small refrigerator, and  a  Large Screen TV.....
What else could we possibly need?

Oh, I bet you thought I forgot about the bathroom...No, I really didn't....The pot would be for us to pee in and since we are now river pro's, we could get a good bath down at the river.  It is only a hop, skip and a jump away!

I think Sam will love it!  You planning to come for a visit?  No worries, company will always be WELCOME!


Isn't life GRAND??   Praise God today!

1 comment:

Country Dreaming said...

Sooooo cute! But don't you think it might be a little tight???


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