Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, July 12, 2010

Something Borrowed, Something New

Oh My goodness......I have learned something new and I am very proud of myself (again)....
As I have said before, I'm not the smartest cookie when it comes to all of this new technology stuff.  But, I am slowly but surely getting there.

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to go with Sam on a small business trip.  I was a little reluctant to go because I had so much work to do...AND YES, I DO WORK!  I am lost without my computer and you probably will not believe this, but I DO NOT have a laptop.  I am either behind times, or I stay home a lot more than I should.

I was visiting with Shanda and I was telling her how much I really needed to stay home to get some work done.  She took matters in her own hands and insisted that I go with Sam, and take her laptop with me.  After much hestiation, I finally agreed.  Since I have never used a laptop, Shan decided that she probably needed to teach me a few things about it.  I guess you could say that the TEACHER in her came out at that point.  She made me start at the very beginning.  I had to turn the thing on and then proceed to the next step. I am almost positive that she showed me everything about that computer except the inside.  I was ready now...I felt like I had just finished Computer 101.

Sam and I got up early Sat. morning and started driving toward San Marcos.  I think we actually were in Waco when I decided to get out the laptop and do a little work.  Wouldn't you know it.....My mind went totally blank.  I could not even remember how to turn the thing on.  I was completely lost and I knew I was going to have to call home to get the info I needed if I was going to use it.

Jeepers, I did not want to call Shan about this one, but here I go...I dialed their home number and guess who answered. son-in-law.  Then I hear another voice on the line as well.  It was Shanda!  I had them both on the line and I really did not want to say "Where in the heck do you turn this computer on at", so I said "I did exactly what you told me to do, but the computer will not turn on".  Do you think they believed me?  THEY DIDN'T......
Both of them (at the same time) started asking all these questions and started telling me what to do.....After I heard the  most critical thing (how to turn the computer on) I just held the phone out and let them talk.  I had already passed the computer class the day before and I was not interested in going through it again......

OK......I have it now.....On the right track to getting somewhere.  I was so busy typing and I was almost finished with the paper I had been working on, when all of a sudden, I HIT A WRONG KEY..Oops, all of my work disappeared right before my eyes.  What in the world went wrong?  What just happened?  I sure wasn't calling them about this, so I just started over on what I had just finished. 

I thought the older you get, the more wisdom you have.  Not necessarily true with some things (like technology).  I was able to conquer my new droid phone (????) so I know that I should be able to learn all the small details of running a laptop computer.  Old school is a lot easier, but I now think I could pass Computer 102 with flying colors!!  Or could I?

Oh, and by the way.......if any of your are wondering why this post came out today after I had already posted my post yesterday from this exact laptop........It's because I did it again!  I had this post ready to go by Sat. night and all of a sudden it disappeared (Crazy laptop is eating my material).  I had to re-write this post and that is why it is coming out today.  I will go ahead and apologize if there are sentences that don't make sense or if some of the words run together.  Did I mention that the laptop is a little harder on the eyes?

Thanks for visiting me today....Have a couple more days down here, so don't be surprised with what all happens on my next post.....


Please remember to Pray for baby Zeb!


Country Dreaming said...

You'll get the hang of it AND then you'll want one.
I was terrified of them for a long time and then it got easier. I decided I wanted one.
Researched them and then we got one for me.
Ken saw how much fun I was having AND he had to have one! Soooo we get him one and we have been in heaven since!
They make blogging so much easier.

Have fun.


Trish said...

The story of my life! When I was working on my BSN I got so paranoid I would only type one page at a time and save it and then move on.
Time consuming? Yes. Lose many papers after that? no.
Hang in there. You're talking about my old stomping grounds down there in Central Texas. I love it!!! I miss going to places like Gruene sp? and eating good German food.

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